How do i See myself in the Future

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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A reflective piece on personal aspirations and goals. It will explore envisioning one’s future self, discussing ambitions, potential challenges, and the steps needed to realize these future objectives. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Myself.

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Probably, everyone already imagined who they were and what kind of family they wanted to see next to them in the future. Everyone has their own idea of the ideal family. Someone dreams of a large family, while someone, on the contrary, believes that one child is enough, and someone does not want to have children. In any case, family is the most important thing in the life of each of us. These are people whom you will educate, support, and sincerely love.

For me, my parents have always been role models. Their long and lasting relationship is full of understanding, trust, love, and respect. Parents have always skillfully created a warm and friendly atmosphere in our family. I always knew that I could ask them for advice.

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I represent my future family as big, friendly, and strong, in which my husband will be the head and support for the whole family. And I will provide comfort in our house and keep the family at home, as my mother did. We will definitely have children, maybe three or four wonderful children. We will live in a large house outside the city, where our beloved relatives and closest friends meet on weekends. Together we will sit by the fireplace, drink warm cocoa, discuss pressing issues, tell stories, and simply speak spiritually about nothing in a family spirit.

Our children will go to educational clubs, they will choose the ones that suit them. We will surround them with warmth, love, support, and care. And we will bring up in our children the most positive qualities that can help them realize themselves in life. Well, no pets. Cats, dogs, and other pets will bring a lot of joy, fun, and love to the family hearth. It will also help children develop feelings and learn to care for others.

Whatever the idea of a future family may be, it is important to understand that this is a very big responsibility and requires a lot of effort. In family relationships, it is necessary to be a sensitive and attentive person, the mood of family members depends on this. But if love comes first in your home, you should be able to form a beautiful and strong family.

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