Personal Narrative: my Missions, Goals and Values

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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To begin, my mission for myself is to be remembered as a smart, sophisticated person. This could also apply to me joining the Marine Corps or entering the workforce. I try to be humble, but I know that I am a smart person and I really want to be the person people come to when they need help. This is partially influenced by my views on education in general. I have always believed there is nothing more important than education. If you are educated enough, anything can be learned.

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I have always admired people who are smart and sophisticated. I also want to be remembered as a sophisticated person. I love being professional, dressing up, going to fancy places for the elite is what I live for, and it is a pastime my Dad and I both enjoy.

The most important people in my life are my family and my very close friends. My Dad is one of my role models, especially when it comes to education. My Dad graduated Summa Cum Laude from Villanova and I aspire to accomplish that one day. My wrestling coach is another one of my role models. He is very hardworking and physically capable and I admire him for that. My other role model is my Uncle Tom. Tom is the nicest person I know. He is kind to everyone but is also intimidating enough that no one messes with him.

My one-year goal is to become a wrestling state champion and finish tenth grade. I can achieve this by staying ahead of my grades and working extremely hard in the wrestling room. In three years, I see myself graduating high school and going to college, where I want to major in history. To do this, I need to keep up my grades and participate in some extracurricular activities. In 5 years, I see myself either joining the Marine Corps through an ROTC program or going on to get a Master’s or Ph.D. in history. Whether I need to enrol in a college with an NROTC program or study hard enough in undergraduate to attend grad school, I am prepared to do.

In conclusion, my personal brand is someone who is smart and sophisticated, someone who others go to for help, and someone who enjoys history and the military. My ultimate goal is to become this person I just described. To become this person, I need to achieve the goals I’ve outlined and emulate my role models. If I do these things, I will undoubtedly achieve my ultimate goal.

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