Everyone is Affected by Peer Pressure

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Everyone is affected by peer pressure., Tthe positive side of peer pressure can have many benefits for the average teen or child. This can benefit teens and children that are being pressured to good deeds, and make good decisions for their own benefits. Peer pressure can be beneficial because it can encourage better behaviors, teens can develop good mentality, and teens can develop physically as well.

First of all, pressuring someone to help others or often do something good can be an example of good behavior too with peer pressure.

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, Tthere are many effects that peer pressure can have to make teens encourage better behaviors. According to high school student John Richard, he says his classmates play sports, and he feels the custom to play sports and do more exercise, which is a good behavior to do exercise regularly. This can have a significant effect on a teen’s behaviors (Kowalski, 1999). Also, the way teens do a certain activity is also affected by these behaviors., Wwhen a child or teen is pressured to have good grades and progress at school, peer pressure can have an effect on a teen’s behavior on how he studies or prepares at school to get better grades and prepare better for college and work in the future. Having parents, or people, pressure teens to encourage good and better behaviors, and habits can help teens become more focused in having good habits, rather than bad habits.

Not only does positive peer pressure help teens develop good habits and behaviors, but also develop better mentality. One example of this is, kids can inspire others to do good deeds., Aaccording to 18-year-old Ariel Albores from Cleveland, Ohio, he says his school pressured him into volunteering for community service, and he is glad that he got pressured into it (Kowalski,1999). That’s is an example of how others can inspire you to make good deeds and choices. This also ties into how peer pressure allows people to be more confident., Tteens can volunteer for a certain task., Tthey would be assured that they will do something that can benefit other people or, benefit themselves. Finally, these mental benefits of peer pressure can have a significant effect on teens themselves, but adults and children can experience these same benefits that teens experience.

Peer pressure also has physical effects and benefits, rather than just mental. One example of this is how peer pressure can help teens avoid taking risks that could harm their health., Ffor example, a teen’s parents pressure him not to drink, but there is a group of students at his school that drink and smoke, he decides to stay away from those students., Ppeer pressure can help teens avoid doing actions that they think will have a bad effect on their health. Another example is how peer pressure can increase productivity in adults who work, according to to Joseph D’O’Brian from General OneFile., Hhe says employees desire a good opinion from their work colleagues, employees can also exert peer pressure on other employees by praising them and telling them about their performance at work (D’O’Brian,1993). Overall, peer pressure doesn’t just benefit teens, also adults can benefitbe benefited by the increase in productivity at work.

All- in- all, peer pressure is beneficial to people because teens can develop mental benefits, encourage better habits and behaviors, also increase teen’s physical benefits on their health, and also adult’s productivity is increased by the physical effects of peer pressure. But, on the contrary of this argument, most physicians and parents and parents argue that peer pressure can harm a teen’s well- being and state of mind., However,but experts and physicians all over the globe are helping parents understand why peer pressure can have a great benefit on their children and also on teens and adults.


Javier Millan

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