Importance of Religion and Religious Beliefs

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I believe in my culture and what we do. I am very passionate and I love my culture. Culture is the most important thing in my life. It is the key to life. Religion helps you stay connected to god. If you are not connected with god it is not a good thing. You must follow whatever your religion guides you to achieve. Culture should be everyone’s number one priority. The reason why I feel strong about this is because culture is a strong element in life and without it I do not know where and who I would be and who I would be with.

Without culture many good people would be out there doing many harmful and bad things. People would be drinking smoking doing very bad drugs because they do not have culture to guide them to do the right thing and to stay out of trouble. But even the people who do bad things is not only because of who they are around. It is also because the people who do bad things do not read whatever book that their culture uses. They do not bless themselves they commit crimes and do things that are forbidden in most religions. My mom tells me every single day before a quiz or test “Religion is the most important thing in your life”.

I also love religion and culture because it separates you from all the bad things. It summons good energy and positive energy in you. I used to hang out with the bad kids now ever since I realized the good in religion it had just shifted me away. It is also good to stay away from bad kids and believe in your culture so people do not pressure you to do the wrong thing. If you believe in your religion peer pressure will just shift away and not get into your head as much. Whenever I pray I have good days in school and do well on my assignments

When ever I do not ask god for good deeds and not pray I do not focus on my school work and lazy ways to do my work come in mind. Praying is like a spoiled kid you get whatever you want but it is not that simple.You must have religion as what you rely on and what you believe in.

Religion is the most important thing in the entire world. You are not a good person without your religion. Trust me without religion you will go through some peer pressure and bad things. By not believing in your religion you will be influenced in a bad way. Kids will know that you do not have religion to support you so they will pick on you and try to peer pressure you to do the wrong things. I have heard many stories on the news saying that a kid has died due to drug addict or alcoholic addict. These kids that are getting peer pressured in result to death have not had an experience of religion. There parents probably have not taught them. If you do not believe in religion then it is not to late to ask your parents to teach you the right and wrong things about religion. Also religion is not where you can find a quick and easy way to cheat praying. Religion is to teach you and to keep you away from what is good and bad.z

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