Diversity:“All Organizations have Inequality Regimes”

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“All organizations have inequality regimes, defined as loosely interrelated practices, processes, actions, and meanings that result in and maintain class, gender, and racial inequalities within particular organizations” (Gatrell & Swan, 2008). In the imperfect world that we live in, gender and diversity issues occur throughout all workplaces and it is crucial for managers to be able to respond and resolve those issues in a conscientious, empathetic way. In a management position, it is vital that gender and diversity issues are addressed and handled in a responsible way that takes into consideration the diverse backgrounds each individual has regardless of their gender or race.

The role of the manager is to acknowledge those differences and utilize them throughout the organization to promote and practice equal opportunities and diversity (Gatrell & Swan, 2008). When addressing issues around gender and diversity, it is important for managers to treat each employee as an individual (Dyson, 2018). By treating each employee as an individual, it eliminates the judgment of background stereotypes and changes the focus to be on judging individuals on their abilities that will bring assets to the organization. Another role that managers must hold to address gender and diversity issues is to encourage all individuals in the organization to work in diverse groups (Dyson, 2018). The outcome of encouraging all levels of employees to work in diverse groups results in a bolstered open-mindedness about other employees capabilities regardless of their gender or race which influences employees to learn about their backgrounds and work together in an effective, equal way.

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Lastly, a role that can make it easier for management to address gender and diversity issues is by setting standard rules that all employees must follow. By doing this, it ensures that all members of an organization are being treated the same and will face the same consequences. When managers actively practice diversity throughout an organization, there will be a bolstered level of trust and communication throughout the organization where employees of all backgrounds feel respected and treated fairly. To give an illustration of gender and diversity issues in the workplace, I personally faced gender issues at a sporting goods store I worked at in high school. Joes Sporting Goods is a large store that sells anything for hunting, fishing, and skiing sporting goods needs. I faced gender issues as the management of that company felt that myself, and the other females that worked there, should work at the front of the store at the cash registers because the males knew more about hunting and fishing and it was better for customers to walk in and see female faces right away. This is a large issue not only in the business I worked at but in all businesses out there. The management at Joes Sporting Goods did not properly handle gender in the workplace and it had resulted in stereotypes being placed upon the female workers that apply there.

Because of these stereotypes, it made it hard for me and the other female employees to feel valued and respected during our work. When considering what questions I should ask the manager about gender and diversity issues, I feel that it is important to ask questions that address issues that arise with the LBGTQ community and racial differences in the workplace. I think a crucial, first question that I would ask would be what the manager feels diversity means, and how diversity brings assets to their business. I feel this is a crucial question to ask because it will give me the background information as to how they approach diversity to begin with, and how that diversity reflects on the success of the business. Another question I may ask the manager is as to how they encourage diversity in the hiring process. I think this is an important question to ask because it shows what active steps an organization makes to encourage diversity, and shows that the organization is accepting individuals of all backgrounds that have the capabilities to perform effectively in their organization.

In conclusion, although no business is perfect, organizations can make active steps to minimize stereotypes around gender and race so that all individuals can perform to the best of their abilities. If managers look at all employees as individuals and evaluate them based on their abilities and not by their gender and race, it will create a diversified and respected environment both internally and externally in the organization. To cease the gender and diversity issues that may arise, managers need to react and respond in a sensitive and conscientious manner to display their devotion of fairness towards the employee.

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