Debates Around Affirmative Action Issues

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Affirmative action is a largely debated topic in the political world. It is a policy that was formed in 1961 and favors people who are often discriminated against, such as African Americans, Asians, and more, especially in employment or education. It is often used to help disadvantaged citizens of the United States to gain an advantage in certain scenarios. Affirmative action doesn’t simply prefer one race over another, it just takes race out of the decision process. I believe that affirmative action is needed in today’s society because data proves that minorities are subject to discrimination in the workplace and in education.

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There are many reasons why affirmative action should be kept in place and used. One of those reasons is because it makes sure that colleges and universities don’t discriminate. This quote says, “In a comparison study between the 1999-2000 school year and the 2009-2010 school year, roughly 36% more whites received their master’s degree, while both black and Hispanic rates of graduation more than doubled.(“11 Facts About Affirmative Action).

This shows that not only does it help minorities but also white people too. Affirmative action also makes up for past discrimination against minorities. The segregation and disadvantages blacks faced lasted about 80 years up until, Brown V. Board of Education (1954), ruled it unconstitutional. It helps compensate for that. But still to this day they are being discriminated against and not getting as good of opportunities as white people. Affirmative action should help fix that problem. The opposing side to affirmative action argues how it promotes reverse discrimination. Instead of black people getting discriminated they say whites would be discriminated. That is false because affirmative action works in a way where it just takes race out of the equation.

The stats clearly show that “White students still make up almost three-quarters of all private external scholarship recipients in four-year bachelor’s programs, almost two-thirds of all institutional grants and scholarship recipients, and over three-quarters of all merit-based grants and scholarships. (Newkirk). But white students are still favored over minorities in getting scholarships.

Overall, affirmative action has helped minorities in cases of discrimination upon race. It helps compensate for past inequity and helps all races be advanced and as equal as possible. Affirmative action does not just give a boost to one race but to all and takes race out of the equation, instead of favoring one over another.

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