Challenges to a Group’s Human Rights

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Background and Organizational Analysis

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A. Introduction

Chesapeake IT Consultants (CIC) is a firm that has successfully provided consulting services in the information management methodologies in order to achieve measurable results of their customer results. CIC provides IT consulting services to help its customers gain measurable results. The customer base for the CIC includes non-profit organizations, small and, medium size businesses as well as government agencies at the federal, state and local levels. A combination of skilled IT experts provides core principle of operation of CIC. Further, CIC is guided in dedication and in quality delivery of services based on IT solutions. However, the firm has a challenge in that it expects to have a major contract that requires highly skilled individuals that currently it does not have, to help in successfully completing the project. The organization currently uses manual means of employee selection and recruitment. It is a big challenge recruiting a very large group of people using manual means. CIC management feels that the manual process would not be reliable in huge recruitment of between 75 to 150 new employees to handle expected future contracts as well as support the ongoing growth of the company. IT based solution to approach this process of hiring is proposed by the human resource because it would be fast but still efficient in picking out the most qualified employees during attracting suitable clients, doing best selection and recruiting the most qualified individuals through technology.[bookmark: _Toc493151555]

B. Organizational strategy

The use of technology and utilization of new business concepts in developing new solutions for the projects handled by CIC are among the organization strategies utilized by the company. In regards with the various other competitive companies, CIC wants to evaluate how best it will be able to position itself for the future as well as recognize the ability to identify the major competencies. This would help CIC move with agility and at the same time achieve flexibility in order to deliver consistency. Further, the company looks forward to maintaining high quality of services to clients at times that are critical. CIC is building a corporation with the other consultants to provide a solution for IT services. [bookmark: _Toc493151556]

C. Components of an Information System [bookmark: _Toc493151557]

Technology and people

These section presents various ideas of key stakeholders in CIC involved in the hiring process In order to determine their expectation in offering solution to process of hiring through technology.


CEO Alvin Morrison has confidence that the Human resources at his firm would be able to deliver by having a reliable staffing process. He thinks it is critical to have people who are talented and can complete a critical project. He believes that use of technology in getting new staff would be effective means of successful project completion by his firm. He expects the system to search and provide information for these solutions. He needs a workforce recruited to be able to deliver quality services to the clients.

CFO Marianne Cho

According to CFO the firm could operate through the use of lean-and-mean support and organization strategies that are not overbuilt in order to realize success. Long-term technology-based project along with reliable payroll system and timekeeping helps catapult the competitive position of the firm. The greatest challenge faced by CIC is lack of useful resources in keeping track skills as well as certifications of the employees currently working with CIC. However, through the use hiring system, she expects the use of data certification and employee skills information through transportation of the data, which it would be possible to complete a successful hiring process since it would be possible to assign the right task to the right person at the appropriate time.

CIO Fadil Abadi

He states that any solution recommended is required to be compatible with the existing architecture of the CIC. According to CIO, the current strategy of the CIC has been to adopt SaaS solutions that can be used quickly to safeguard the best practices of the industry so he expects this solution to be a SaaS product. The nature of the distributed workforce translates to use of mobile computing. However, mobile computing present challenges in terms of offering solutions, portability and maintenance well compatible with mobile devices so he expects a solution that can address security, credibility and reliability.

Director of HR

William Bradley reports that the rapid growth of the CIC firm in recruitment is no more sustainable through the use of manual staffing and hiring process. To achieve a better way of handling this challenge, easy to integrate and use system should be interfaced to the systems. The director of HR is interested in a technology solution which is able to offer support to the process of hiring process so as to make CIC meet the increased demands of hiring new employees. Manager of recruiting She has longed for and waited for a technology solution that would help in the process of hiring. She is aware that successful recruitment process leads to the success of any business. She’s concerned about the competitive market for IT talent and wants to ensure that CIC can effectively recruit top talent to meet its growth which includes upcoming contracts. So she wants a system that can support this by processing applications quickly and effectively. She hopes to have a rapid investment in solutions that are technology-based in order to improve the process of hiring.


Recruiters have the task of making sure that the best candidates present themselves to CIC for the available job position. According to the recruiters, they are required to present the papers from best applicants to the hiring managers for the best selection but the system is tedious in the sense that the recruiting manager may experience time constraints in meeting the requirement of jobs as they are competing with time from the hiring manager as it is not their only job. Perusing mails sent for job applications, sorting them out and reliable storage for easy retrieval are hectic processes that present challenges to recruiters (DAgostino et al., 2011).

However, the use of software in supplementing these processes would ease up things. Administrative assistant After the recruiters have identified the best candidates, he routes their application to the relevant hiring or functional manager and gets the feedback on who the hiring manager would like to interview. A feedback is then collected from the interviewing team, paperwork is completed checked by the manager, completes hiring process and ensure the payroll work is completed. The administrative assistant ends up with a lot of work, and he really does not manage to successful handle all the work without errors. Electronics method would help the administrative manager to successfully handle the paperwork without errors. Administration Assistant reports that they deal with a lot of paperwork which results to difficulties in ensuring they maintain high status applications, coordination with the hiring managers as well as the recruiting recruiters. Therefore, the administrative assistants should be equipped with a system which would help them improve the workflow and reduce the paperwork.

Hiring manager

[bookmark: _Hlk492278810]New contracts translate to increased hiring demands but the application, screening, interview scheduling and process of picking the best candidates is a tedious job (Dempsey, 2008). Electronic scheduling on the interview dates for applicants would help ease the process. It would be crucial if CIC impresses their clients through the use of software efficiency and technology in the sense that the use of manual process in recruitment gives the company a bad reputation. The technology for recruitment should be easy to use in the sense that there is limited time that would be used for training of the employees. Having a method to quickly identify and submit resume of skilled and experienced workforce who currently work with the CIC would be beneficial to the company when the company is bidding for new contracts. [bookmark: _Toc493151558]


The hiring process is a crucial step towards ensuring CIC has competent and skilled workforce to fully and successfully execute its projects. Each successful process of recruitment ensures proper selection and thus getting suitable candidates who will successfully take the positions in competing projects at hand (Gilmore & Williams, 2013). It is of great importance to understand current hiring process in that it helps to come up with a technology solution that will improve work flow in a systematic which will further result to efficiency and effectiveness. The table below contains the various steps of hiring and the respective role played by rank holders in that specific.

Hiring Process

Step Responsible CIC Position 1. Recruiter receives application from job hunter via Postal Service Mail Recruiter 2. Screen resume and identify the best candidates for the given position Recruiter 3. Routing the applications and resumes to the relevant hiring manager Administrative assistant 4. Receive the feedback of the suitable candidate for interviewing Administrative Assistant 5. Schedule interviews Administrative Assistant 6. Interview candidates Hiring manager 7. Making of the selection of the suitable candidate interviewed Hiring manager 8. Collect feedback on every person interviewed Administrative Assistant 9. Provide information on hiring status of the interviewee Administrative Assistant 10. Get the exact job offer as presented to the candidates hoping that they would accept the offer. Administrative Assistant [bookmark: _Hlk485905937]11. Administrative Assistant prepares and sends Hiring Offer to Selected Candidate by mailing offer letter Recruiter 12. Coordinate for paper work with HR and pay roll system Administrative Assistant[bookmark: _Toc493151559]Data Data is an important tool for the hiring process for any given company (Rickard, 2006).

CIC also needs different data and information on people who they hire in order to match the relevant project or contract to the suitable employee in accordance with their skills. This table provides examples of 10 key data elements needed for the hiring system. Data Element 1. Name of the applicants 2. Date of Birth 3. Previous employers 4. Nationality 5. Contact information of the applicants 6. Keywords from the job posting 7. Accomplishments and achievements 8. Experience 9. Hobbies, Talents, Membership 10. References[bookmark: _Toc493151560][bookmark: _Hlk484348959][bookmark: _Hlk484347353]II: Strategic Use of TechnologyA. [bookmark: _Toc493151561]

Decision making

Firm decisions help CIC to gain competitive edge in that the firm would be able to establish a better communication channel, increased collaboration, better the relationship and improve a structure that will facilitate hiring process of the new workers in a firm. The table below contains the roles of the senior managers, middle managers operation managers and examples of decisions that could be supported by information from the hiring solution. Role Level Example of Possible Decision Supported by Hiring System. Senior/Executive Managers (Decisions made by the CEO and the CFO at CIC supported by the hiring system.)


The CEO and CFO are involved in marketing the company as well as looking for new contracts to bid on. The hiring system could provide him information on hard to fill jobs or lengthy recruiting processes which could influence his decisions on what contracts to bid on. Middle Managers(Decisions made by the Director of HR and the Manager of Recruiting supported by the hiring system.)


As the Director of HR and a Manager of Recruiting the system has the exact number of applicants who do marketing and the status of their marketing skills which will help very first to assign the marketing task to the candidates picked from this category on the basis of their past experience.

Operational Managers(Decisions made by the line managers in the organization who are hiring for their projects supported by the hiring system.)


The operational managers make a decision that aligns with information on the data base of the employees with high level and quality of service delivery to the contracts handled at a particular time. The operational managers will only pick the applicants that have practical skills in high quality of service delivery in marketing area.B. [bookmark: _Toc493151562]


The internal communications help hiring process through auditing candidates by an extensive technology-based hiring system that checks on the level of understanding of the importance of communication of the employee. This would help CIC expand staff trust and duty as well as identify workers’ future goals towards the association which will in turn improve utilization of public and personal correspondences. All information sources and in addition the individuals who attempted the examination must be completely recognized to enable partners to investigate the master experts the external correspondence procedure ought to be displayed in a deliberate manner to empower the human resource and the client to get and understand the introduced data immediately.

C. Collaboration

A hiring system at CIC that focuses on categorization of employees with particular skills for example marketing using social media platform should be easy to be located and be given a running department so that in case of any marketing guidelines guided, it would be easy to collaborate and come up with the best results within the shortest time possible. There are different ways through which CIC can achieve collaboration with all parties involved in the hiring process. The system can be implemented successfully through applicants completing a questionnaire, a continuous review of the critical areas in marketing department or any other department in CIC, make the applicants understand the importance of continuous updates on the activities of the firm significance of giving feedback to questions being addressed in the marketing or any other department.

D. Relationship

An enterprise relationship system would help the hiring process by providing quality means for the process of hiring in CIC in the sense that the minute the candidates or the applicants are realizes that the potential employees values them starting from the recruitment process, they would be able to carry the reputation of CIC to the outside world. In case such applicants fail to secure jobs, they will take the outcome of their interview with CIC as fair and just. This will further make the company?’s reputation go a notch hire.

E. Structure

A clear system would help CIC hiring process and foster stronger relationship with each participant in the hiring process by CEO setting the goals and objectives of the hiring criteria. A structure would help the HR manager and the recruiting managers to pick only the applicants with particular types of skills for instance in the engineering line, the applicants should be able to fully integrate programming skills in their prototyping process. The structure will only allow the operational managers at CIC to pick applicants who show high level of service by checking their past services offered in their previous jobs which would be achieved through thorough scrutiny of their practical skills.

F. Competitive advantage

A hiring system that has competitive advantage against the companies that offer the same products as CIC is the one that checks for data and information from other companies. When CIC gets information about the nature of applicants their competitors are recruiting, they stand a better chance to double-check their hiring process and upgrade on areas their competitors are doing better than them. The data collected about the competitors would also be able to guide the company in setting high selection and hiring structure which will ensure that CIC only attracts applicants who are qualified and of high standard.

Strategic and Operational Outcomes

A. Strategic Outcomes“ strategic outcome for CIC is very critical for realizing the achievable goals of the institution. The table below provided the strategic goal as well as the objective of each strategic goal. Strategic Goal (from case study) Objective(clear, measurable and time-bound) Explanation(2-3 sentences) Increase CIC Business Development by winning new contracts in the areas of IT Consulting Increase the number of contracts obtained from 5 contracts per year to 15 contracts yearly. The new hiring system will ensure that the recruiters attracted to apply for job positions are highly qualified and thus give CIC to have high-skilled employees. The highly-skilled employees are able to efficiently and timely complete a project to satisfaction of the client. This means the CIC would build its reputation and thus stand a better chance to win more contracts. Build a cadre of consultants internationally to provide remote research and analysis support to CIC’s onsite teams in the U. S. Increase international recruiting efforts and employ 5 research analysts in the next 12 months.

The new hiring system would allow applicants from around the world to apply online, increasing the number of international applicants. It would enable the recruiters to carefully monitor the applications for these positions, identify the necessary research and analysis skills needed, and screen resumes for these key skills. Recruiters could quickly view the number of applicants and identify when additional recruiting efforts are needed to meet the objective. Continue to increase CIC’s ability to quickly provide high quality consultants to awarded contracts to best serve the clients’ needs Reduce the consultancy response and service delivery time by ??. Having a large efficiently working labor force translate to quick delivery of service which is achieved by technologically-recruited employees. A reliable work force is equal to having a work force that not only works efficiently but reduces the time to complete a project. Increase CIC’s competitive advantage in the IT consulting marketplace by increasing its reputation for having IT consultants who are highly skilled in leading edge technologies and innovative solutions for its clients CIC to rise and be among the 10 top most IT consultancy firm in the country.

The efficient receiving of application mails to the website, system screening of the resume, software check of aptitude and practical skills, electronic feedback helps in having the best work force. The technology not only ensures highly qualified individuals attracted to apply for job vacancies but also helps CIC to get the best employees who would ensure quick and efficient delivery of services in order to make CIC gain competitive edge. B. Process Analysis The analysis for process is critical for CIC in that it helps the company to know the step by step development of a technology-based system that would help in hiring process. The table below shows the previously manually conducted recruitment process and the new technology- based process and the benefit each new hiring process would bring to the company.

CIC Hiring Process As/Is Process To/Be Process Business Benefits of Improved Process

1. Recruiter receives application from job hunter via Postal Service Mail. Receive application via on-line submission through CIC Employment Website and files in applicant database. More efficient submission process presents positive image to applicants and decreases time needed to receive and begin processing applications. 2. Screen resume and identify the best candidates for the given position The system scans the resume and identify the most suitable candidate for a particular job offer. The process makes the screening of the resume faster, efficient and eliminates biasness caused by the fatigue of the person screening the resume thus increases efficiency. 3. Routing the applications and resumes to the relevant hiring manager Routes the applications of the successfully selected resumes and routes them to the hiring manager. Reduces time for one by one forwarding of the selected candidate??™s resume. 4. Receive the feedback of the suitable candidate for interviewing The CIC database electronically receives the feedback of the suitable candidate for hiring from the hiring manager Eliminates time to read one by one feedback and checking through papers to know who has been selected thus helps increase the number of recruiters who can be hired at a particular time. 5. Schedule interviews

The system electronically sends messages to the candidates informing them of their interview dates. Reduces workload for calling or messaging which only wastes human resource and does not add any profit to CIC company. 6. Interview candidates The software checks the skills and the conduct aptitude test for the candidate. Places the CIC company in a position of technologically advanced ranks and thus it creates a good image of the company through some people feeling like the person interviewing them were biased. 7. Making of the selection of the suitable candidate interviewed The software automatically does analysis out of the tests taken on the candidates, give results and forward the results to Human resource. Eliminates the chances of selecting less qualified members of staff because most of the times the software, if well designed are able to give accurate results thus improving the chances that the company will hire the best staff for completing the project.

8. Collect feedback on every person interviewed The software automatically collects the feedback of everyone who has been interviewed and forward it to recruiters, Paul O’Brien. Reduces workload and increases accuracy thus no errors that comes along with missing paper work or omitted recruiter information. 9. Provide information on hiring status of the interviewee Electronically, the system informs the job applicant of the outcome of the interviewee and forwards the same to recruiters, Paul O’Brien. Saves time in in passing feedback on the interview status of the candidates thus saves time for the company. 10. Get the exact job offer as presented to the candidates hoping that they would accept the offer. The system automatically selects and create the exact job offer as it had been presented to the successful candidates through checking the most suitable job offer that fits the new recruits and forward it to Ted as well. Saves time for creating the job offer manually thus saving both human labor and time that would have otherwise been used for creation of the job offer.

11. Administrative Assistant prepares and sends Hiring Offer to Selected Candidate by mailing offer letter Ted prepares job offer letter by selecting information needed for specific candidate  system completes the template with stored information and Ted reviews and emails to candidate.?  Administrative assistant selects offer information for candidate and electronically routes to Ted for processing and electronic mailing to candidate. 12. Coordinate for paper work with HR and pay roll system ? The system prepares paper work out of the interviewee status. Administrative assistant gets an easy time in preparing the paper work thus avoid unnecessary work force and wasted human labor. C. Requirements “ in this step, the main purpose is to identify the essential requirements for the information system.


Number Requirement Source (individual) from Case Study “ name and title U-1 The system creates a job application form with specified requirements with specific keywords Recruiter Paul O’Brien U-2 The system receives the applications and forward them to a database ready for automatic scanning of specified keywords. Recruiter Paul O’Brien U-3 The system database screens the job applications looking for the specific keywords from the resumes. Resume with specified scanned keywords would be automatically picked by the system.

Recruiter “ Paul O’Brien U-4 The system sends replies automatically to applicants whose system picked successfully asking them to avail themselves for the interview Administrative Assistant-Ted Anderson UR-1 Depending on their availability of the applicant from the response received, the system will schedule for their interview. Administrative Assistant-Ted Anderson SS-1 The software informs the HR of the scheduled interview. Hiring Manager SS-2 A software is used to check for aptitude and practical skills through questions and answers Hiring Manager SP-1 The system will provide the response to the applicant on the status of the interview Administrative Assistant-Ted Anderson SP-2 The system shall create a job offer for the chosen candidate. Administrative Assistant-Ted Anderson SP-3 The system will prepare for the necessary papers and payroll. Administrative Assistant-Ted Anderson[bookmark: _Toc493151567]


Benson, V., & Morgan, S. J. (2014). Cutting-edge technologies and social media use in higher education. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, an imprint of IGI Global.Booth, C. (2010). Hope, hype, and VoIP: riding the library technology cycle. Chicago, IL: ALA TechSource.Gaines, L. K., & Kappeler, V. E. (2011). Policing in America. Newark, NJ: Lexis Nexis.Rickard, J. (2006). The recruitment process: making students lives easier one season at a time. Place of publication not identified: Publisher not identified.Schultz, D. P., & Schultz, S. E. (2002). Psychology and work today: an introduction to industrial and organizational psychology. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.`

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