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Todd Young is an American politician and the U.S. representative of the 9th district in Indiana from 2010-2017. He was elected to the US. Senate in 2016 and serves on many committees. Representing the Republican Party, Young has many conservative viewpoints. Two stances he feels strongly about are healthcare and abortion. Being a strong pro-life advocate, Todd Young advocates more adoptions and less abortions as well as opposed Obamacare believing that a person’s health care decisions should be between the individual and doctor and not between government and the individual (Todd Young).

As stated, Young is a pro-life activist. He believes if individuals have a baby despite being ready or not, they should allow the infant to be adopted rather than abort it. Throughout Young’s campaign, he acknowledged the fact that not all women are prepared to raise a child and strongly supports adoption. This support relates back to his time within the private sector where he practiced law and provided legal services to those who were seeking adoption. Also, Young served on the board at Hannah House, a non-profit crisis pregnancy facility that is centralized more on adoption than abortion (Todd Young). In addition, many examples of his pro-life mindset is seen by the bills on which he voted. In May 2011, he voted in support of banning federal health coverage that includes abortion. Again in May 2011, he voted in favor of a bill that would prohibit the federal funding for abortion. Furthermore, Young was one of seven representatives in Indiana to vote against Planned Parenthood (Pro-Life). With about 800 health facilities throughout all 50 states and 3 million people utilizing their services, this non-profit organization is the leader in providing both women and men sexual health care services such as contraceptives/ family planning, safe sex, sexual transmitted infections and many more within the sexual health spectrum. Young voted against this organization because they advocate in favor of abortions if the individuals are not ready for a baby (Parenthood). In fact, a congressional Republican in 2015, claimed “94 percent of their business [Planned Parenthood] is abortion services.” This figure is derived from adding all abortion procedures (327,653), prenatal services (18,684), and adoption referrals (1,180) and dividing the cumulative figure by the total number of abortions within that year (Lowen).

Past court cases aid in better understanding why Planned Parenthood is such a controversial organization and why Young and fellow Republicans voted against this business. In 1973 the U.S Supreme Court Case, Roe vs. Wade, created much debate about whether or not abortion was a violation of the Constitution since it is ultimately killing a fetus. The Supreme Court sided with Roe, making abortions legal and determining they are not violating the Constitution (Gore). The Republicans led a heavy drive to overturn this ruling. Finally, in 2007, the Supreme Court declared that any abortion during or after the second trimester, is illegal. Currently throughout the United States, 43 states prohibit abortions, except when it is necessary to protect the women who is giving birth, or if it is not past the specified point within the pregnancy (An Overview).

Another big emphasis throughout Young’s campaign addresses healthcare. He believes that an individual’s health care should remain between the individual and doctor(s), and not involve the government (Todd Young). The election in 2010 had a big effect on our country’s health care services and policies. The Republicans had gained 9.1% of the seats making their total number of seats 242. The Democrats lost 8.3% of their seats from the previous election resulting in a total of 193 seats. This is seen to be in response to the weakening economy at the time and the Affordable Care Act implemented by President Obama. The Affordable Care Act essentially provided lower class individuals and families health insurance. This angered many people including Republicans because their tax money was going to those who were not contributing to the economy. On July 11, 2012, a repeal of Obamacare was proposed, and Todd Young voted in favor of it. People supported Bill HR 6079 because they believed the health care system was better off with less government intervention. The bill did pass gaining 244 votes in favor compared to 185 votes against (HR 6709). Those votes in favor can be contributed to the Republicans taking control to the house. In addition, Young supported proposals to reform government health programs. Two of these proposals include allowing insurance to be bought in other states and to give Medicare patients the opportunity to select coverage that best fits their needs.

Healthcare and specifically abortion vs adoption are two issues Todd Young feels strongly about and continues to work to improve. Most recently, he co-sponsored the Born-Alive Abortion Survivor’s Protection Act which states doctors would be required to treat a baby born alive after a failed abortion attempt the same as they would for any child of the same gestational age. In addition, after providing the care needed, they would be required to have the infant immediately transported and admitted to a hospital. Doctors who did not comply with the requirements would face a fine and a maximum of five years in prison. Although it was voted down, Young continues to be a pro-life advocate. As far as overall healthcare, two bills were passed by the U.S. House. First, he introduced the Save American Workers (SAW) Act (H.R. 2575). This bill works to protect Americans’ paychecks from Obamacare regulations. Secondly, he devised the Fairness for American Families Act (H.R. 2668) which protects working Americans from Obamacare mandates. The U.S. House passed both bills (Todd Young). Young is on a mission to improve overall healthcare and specifically abortion vs adoption.

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