Midwifery Complex Care Plan

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Updated: Mar 01, 2019
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Midwifery is a crucial part of the maternal health for expectant mothers. They need it at the time of delivery, so that they may save their lives and that of the unborn baby. There comes a time when the mother needs a specialized care, and that responsibility is necessary for her and the child. Some of the mothers develop critical conditions in the course of their gestation period, such that they need a specialized attention at the time of their delivery. In some cases, the mother may need to have induced labor, where the normal one is impossible. This paper will address the situation of a lady who needs midwifery complex care, due to her condition.In the case of a patient who has had issues with her delivery, there is the need for her to get the supportive care from qualified midwives (Mander, 2008). Because of the nature of the health requirement, it would be dangerous for the patient to receive care from unqualified personnel.

In this case, Sarah needed to obtain a qualified care, but she only had attention from an inexperienced woman. As part of the elaborate care plan, Sarah will be a subject of professional attention to assist her to recover fully. It will be necessary for the nurses and the midwives to attend to her so that they can use their experience to save her situation. She will receive professional counseling, following her tendency to take alcohol at all times. She will get assistance to stop the habit of taking drugs occasionally since doing so will make her health worse.

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It may be the cause for her delayed labor. A mother who has a similar condition to that of Sarah needs a continued assistance (Homer et al. 2008). Now that Sarah’s daughter is in the nursery, she will have some help to make her understand the need to create a strong bond between her and the child. Since she looks out of place due to the condition she is facing, the professional midwife will make sure that Sarah keeps in touch with her baby at all times. When the time comes for her discharge, the nurses will make sure that they make a follow up for her and the child. The follow up will assist Sarah in the proper way of handling the parental responsibility.

At the time of discharge, Sarah will receive a program that she will be using to attend clinics for medical follow-ups. An expectant mother needs to attend antenatal appointments (Sharma, 2009). The dates help to address any issues that may be affecting the unborn child, as well as the health of the mother. Sarah did not attend the appointments well, following a challenge with transport. The irregular attendance led to her condition without her knowing. This problem is now adversely affecting her experience as a mother. As part of the elaborate care plan, she will have an active transport organized by the local authorities. The move will ensure that she attends the postnatal appointments that will enhance her experience as a mother. All will be catered for by the administration, and the comprehensive medical cover will provide for any treatment costs that she may incur. It is expected that the experience will boost her ability to undertake parental responsibilities with the required sobriety. Improper care during the gestation period is detrimental to the unborn baby (Medforth, 2011).

At the time of delivery, the baby will face challenges of dealing with the atmosphere outside the womb, and the condition may be frustrating to the mother. It is the same case that happens with Sarah, where her baby girl was not responding well when she was only three days old. As part of the complicated care plan, Sarah will have a person to assist her deal with the condition at hand. The midwives will be there to advise her on what to do, as well as taking the right care for the kids. The experience that she gets with the midwives will assist her in dealing with her baby at home, and enable her to meet the expectations she had of being the best mum to her daughter. She was still willing to give the best care and attention to the child, and the complex care plan would assist a great deal. It is the role of the midwives to ensure that the mother and the child receive the necessary treatment if any is required (Tharpe, 2006).

Sarah’s condition was devastating and could have made her hate being a mother anymore. To avoid such a situation, it would be necessary that the midwives and nurses combine their efforts to ensure that they offer the necessary treatment to the baby girl. Doing so will ensure that the mother gains the necessary confidence that would help her at the time and also in the future. If they find that the facilities are not sufficient for specialized complex care, they will refer the mother and the child to a facility that will manage their condition properly. Doing so will boost their accountability as midwives and defend their quality of services and duty of care (Tilley & Watson, 2004).

They owe the patient and her child a duty of care, and if the current facility would not offer the specialized care, then the local authority will ensure that Sarah gained access to the best center. According to the plan, Sarah will spend some few weeks in the hospital to give the medical staff ample time to look after her condition. During this period, she will be under scrutiny from a specialist. She will receive the necessary assistance to heal from her past disorganized life, and also any complications that may have arisen due to the unprofessional midwifery at the time on her delivery. In the meantime, her daughter will be under the care of the midwives and nurses in the nursery, who will be adjusting the conditions of the nursery environment that suits her best.

It is expected that at the end of the specified period, Sarah and her child will have the best care and treatment that will make her accept her situation and move on with life as a mother. The local authorities will be there to ensure that they meet all the financial costs that she will incur up to the time of her discharge. She will also get the financial support to enable her to stand on her ground, based on the fact that she does not have good connections with her family. It is expected that she will have a source of income, and she will enjoy her experience as a mother. In case of any eventuality, the health care providers will be ready to attend to her at any time. Professional counseling will be available for her, to help her deal with the depression that makes her alcoholic and a drug user.


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