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Actual Pop Culture Essay Topics for Students

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: May 23, 2023
Last update date: March 22, 2024
7 min read

Getting an essay topic to research, and write about can be really stressful. However, if you have to choose your essay topics, you may be exposed to even more stress. Did you receive an essay requirement asking you to write about modern popular culture? Do you have issues at your fingertips? If you don’t, then this article is for you.

You’ll find relevant suggestions for pop culture essay topics in this article. Easy, done for you, and ready to be flashed into unique essays. And if you’re worried about choosing your next pop culture research topic, don’t fret. You can buy custom essays from Papersowl to get your “A” grade without breaking a sweat. We have got you covered.

How to Select the Best Pop Culture Essay Topic?

Selecting the best pop culture essay topic may be arduous; for example, if you’re interested in American pop culture, you have to focus on the American clime. This means you have to dig deep and scratch beyond the surface of relevant information to write a college-level academic essay that will give your professor goosebumps. The exciting thing is that pop culture essay topics are challenging to formulate based on trends, events, and real-life occurrences.

  1. Research: The first step to selecting popular culture essay topics is to do your research. Your research has to be tailored to your specific guidelines, as stated in your essay requirements. You may also browse through different popular culture essays online to get inspiration.
  2. Select a Niche or Category: Popular culture is a broad umbrella term that houses several aspects, like folk culture, pop music, and mass media. So if you’re interested in the pop music era, your culture essay topic will portray concepts around the pop music industry.
  3. Use Papersowl: you can select the best pop culture essay with the two steps above. However, you may prefer to avoid the rigor and stress involved, so you can hire an essay writer on paperwork to do all the hard work. When you get essay help from Papersowl, you have set yourself up for success, and your professor will favor you.

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Pop Culture Argumentative Essay Topics

Pop culture topics can evoke healthy arguments and interest readers who want to experience humor, emotions, seriousness, and information in one piece. Here are some argumentative essay topics for your perusal.

  1. Are Streaming Services Better Than Traditional Television Networks?
  2. The Portrayal Of Mental Health In Mass Media.
  3. The Culture Influence of Social Media on American Culture.
  4. The Controversy Surrounding Celebrity Worship In Modern Society.
  5. The Role Of Popular Video Games In Promoting Violence Among Young Adults.
  6. The Representation Of Gender Inequality And Sexuality In the Teenage Generation.
  7. The Cultural Appropriation Debate in The Music Climes.
  8. The Impact of Celebrity Gossip and Tabloid Media on Public Perception.
  9. The Debate Over Artistic License Versus Historical Accuracy in Biographical Films.
  10. The Influence of Popular Culture on Fashion Trends and Personal Style.
  11. Analyzing their Influence on Consumer Behavior.
  12. Addressing the Issue of Borrowing and Misrepresentation.
  13. Debunking the Link between Gaming and Real-world Aggression.
  14. Music as a Form of Protest.
  15. The Power of Memes.

Controversial Pop Culture Topics

Controversy is fast becoming closely knitted into the fabric of society. Getting an essay request from your professor about controversial pop culture topics is not uncommon. Here are some of the notable ones you can leverage.

  1. The Idolization Of Drug And Alcohol Use In Popular Music Videos.
  2. The Controversy Surrounding Artists Portraying Religion in Secular Performances.
  3. How Violent Game Content Affects Behavioral Patterns of Young People.
  4. Why Mainstream Media Now Portray LGBTQ+ Characters And Relationships.
  5. Has Racism Crept Into Award Nominations And Recognition?
  6. The Cultural Appropriation Of Traditional Fashion And Hairstyles By Celebrities.
  7. The Influence Of Social Media On Body Image And The Rise Of Unrealistic Beauty Standards.
  8. The Controversy Surrounding Artists Using Explicit Or Offensive Lyrics In Their Songs.
  9. The Portrayal Of Mental Illness And Suicide In Popular Tv Shows And Movies.
  10. The Debate Over Whether Celebrities Should Use Their Platform To Discuss Political And Social Issues.
  11. Examining the Impact and Consequences of Public Shaming.
  12. Analyzing the Responsibility of Pop Culture in Perpetuating or Reflecting Real-world Violence.
  13. Cultural Stereotypes in Media.
  14. Discussing Obsession, Toxicity, and Invasive Behavior.
  15. Hypersexualization in Pop Music.

Pop Culture Topics for Analysis Essay

Choosing the proper process analysis essay topics for your projects will require carefully considering the analytical process that will help you curate a brilliant essay. If you have enough resources, data, and information for analysis, you can easily pick an elaborate topic in that direction. Here are some brilliant suggestions for pop culture topics for analysis essays.

  1. Globalization and its Impact on Popular Culture
  2. Titanic: a Closer Look – Film Summary and Analysis
  3. The Hate U Give: Rhetorical Questions
  4. What is the Difference between the Older Generation and the Young One?
  5. Is Graffiti Art or a Crime of Vandalism?
  6. Racism in Pop Culture
  7. Memes are Evolving; What Impact does this have on Internet culture?
  8. Does Culture Influence Consumer Behavior?
  9. Analyzing the Cultural Significance and Impact of The Fashion Industry.
  10. Emotional Impact of Modern-Day Cartoons on Young People.
  11. The Evolution of Superhero Movies.
  12. The Influence of Streaming Platforms on Film and Television.
  13. Gender Representation in Video Games.
  14. The Rise of K-pop.
  15. Fashion Trends and Cultural Appropriation.

Popular Culture Essay Topics on the Internet

Popular culture essay topics are diverse, attention-grabbing, and enjoyable to most people. Several issues are to write about, including celebrity gossip, music trends, modern technologies, culture change, and cultural influences. Here are some popular culture essay topics on the internet.

  1. Facebook
  2. Criminogenic Media
  3. Addiction Towards Facebook
  4. Media Analysis on Advertisement
  5. TedTalk: Women’s Representation on Media
  6. Cyberbullying on Facebook and other Social Media
  7. Are Virtual Reality Becoming More a Part of Our Reality than Before?
  8. Benefits of Solving the Problem Netflix
  9. Cyber Security Threats in Healthcare
  10. Democratization of Digital Media Technologies and their Impact on Journalism
  11. Evolution, Impact, and Cultural Significance of Online Humor.
  12. Exploring the Rise of Social Media Influencers.
  13. Fake News and Misinformation.
  14. Online Gaming Communities.
  15. Internet Trolling and Cyberbullying.

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Pop Culture Topics on Idols and Heroes

If you’re required to write an American pop culture essay on topics about Idols and Heroes, your first cue is to do a few historical checks. You may have little time digging into American history, so we have curated a few topics below.

  1. Manson’s Popularity
  2. Cleopatra – a Powerful Woman Leader
  3. A Football Player, Homare Sawa
  4. Deadpool and the Hero’s Journey
  5. Batman Superhero
  6. An American Singer – Beyonce
  7. Famous Person – Steve Jobs
  8. Leader Profile: Barack Obama
  9. Abraham Lincoln the Greatest Leader of our Nation
  10. Beowulf as a Hero and Leader
  11. Exploring the Phenomenon of Celebrity Obsession.
  12. The Influence of Idols and Heroes.
  13. Investigating the Symbolism and Cultural Significance of Superheroes.
  14. The Phenomenon of Celebrity Worship.
  15. The Shifting Definition of Heroes in Contemporary Pop Culture.

American Popular Culture Topic Essay

American popular culture is deeply rooted in American history. Writing an essay on American pop culture could involve topics that center on political apathy, the fashion industry, gender inequality, pop culture objects, everyday life, or mass media. These are a few topic ideas for your following essay.

  1. American Football is One of the most Popular and Favorite Sports in Many Countries
  2. Andy Warhol: Famous Pop Artist
  3. Apple Inc. – Popular Multinational Technology Company
  4. Convenience and Popularity of Fast Food
  5. Keith Haring is an American Pop Artist
  6. A Favorite Sport in the USA
  7. A Journey through Coca-Cola History
  8. A Legalized Drug in the United States
  9. A Descriptive Essay on Starbucks Coffee Shop
  10. Are Illegal Immigrants Beneficial to the United States
  11. The American Dream in Popular Culture.
  12. Exploring the Rise of Fast Food, Food Fads, and Culinary Diversity.
  13. The Significance of Figures like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and the Statue of Liberty.
  14. American Pop Art Movement.
  15. Investigating Hollywood’s Dominance.

Pop Culture Topics on Entertainment

Binging on music and videos is different from choosing pop culture topics for entertainment. The mass media constantly evolves, and pop culture may help you choose interesting topics. Looking into the pop music era, diversification of hip-hop music, cultural influence, popular music, and entertainment may invoke interesting essay topic ideas like the ones below.

  1. Film Adaptation of Two Popular Fairy Tales According to Disney
  2. Fornite as a Popular Game
  3. A Psychoanalytical Lens on the Film Fight Club
  4. A Reflection of the Happenings during the Era of Star Wars
  5. Advantages of Computer Games
  6. Disney at the Top of the Entertainment Industry
  7. Netflix and its Effects
  8. Augmented Reality Virtual Reality and the Music Industry
  9. Alan Silvestri’s “Forrest Gump” in the Country Music Genre
  10. LGBTQ Community and Entertainment Industry
  11. The Evolution of Streaming Services.
  12. The Popularity and Cultural Influence of Unscripted Television Shows.
  13. Investigating the Influence and Community Building in Fandoms.
  14. Gaming as a Form of Entertainment.
  15. Remakes and Reboots in Entertainment.

Interesting Pop Culture Topics

Are you looking for interesting pop culture topics for your next assignment? These cultural topics are usually exciting and highly captivating. This means your professor will read your essay topic and stay glued to the end of the essay. The possibility of staying on your paper increases your chances of hitting new milestones.

  1. Humanity Represented in Space.
  2. Cultural Change And Its Dynamic Effects On Economic Growth.
  3. How Young People Are Printing Money Without Prior Skills.
  4. Social Media Culture Influence on College Students.
  5. Limelights on TikTok: How an App for Short Videos Transformed Social Media.
  6. How Pop Culture Promote The Latest Pop Art.
  7. The Influence of Fashion Bloggers and Instagram on Young Girls.
  8. Feminist Values Represented By Young Girls in College.
  9. The Sunshine Pop and The Latest Music Shape.
  10. What Does Pop Culture Reflect on Latin American Pop Music?
  11. The Viral Trends and their Effects on Society.
  12. The Resurgence of Retro Gaming.
  13. Fashion Influencers and Sustainable Fashion.
  14. Digital Detox and Offline Experiences.
  15. Analyzing its Impact on Beauty Standards, Body Acceptance, and Representation in Pop Culture.


With the evolution in various aspects like the mass media, politics, and technology, young adults are changing, and pop culture is getting diverse. This makes folk culture and popular culture exciting areas of consideration for essay assignments. If you’re burdened with choosing your definition essay topic, or pop culture research topics, this article will help you select the best topics. To write a college-level essay on popular culture topics, you can trust Papersowl to write the essay for you from start to finish.

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