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100+ Best Nursing Research Topics in 2024

Last update date: December 30, 2023
10 min read

The place of nursing in human lives cannot be overemphasised. Throughout history, humankind has always needed nurture and care. Now, in contemporary times, the task that was previously carried out by mothers, mostly on instinct, has become a profession.

The place of nursing in human lives cannot be overemphasised. Throughout history, humankind has always needed nurture and care. Now, in contemporary times, the task that was previously carried out by mothers, mostly on instinct, has become a profession. This career calls for tenuous studies of the human body and mind. Which we can say makes up the person. By so doing, the all-around wellness of the individual is no longer overlooked. To become a nurse, you must pass through writing a nursing school research paper.

Perhaps the greatest challenge you will face while trying to do that will be the number of nursing research paper topics available. There are examples that are readily at your disposal. They include mental health nursing research papers, midwifery nursing research, and pediatric nursing research ideas, to mention a few. Knowing where to start is going to make your life a lot easier. That is why I will be compiling a list of research topics for nursing students.

Liberty is a double-edged sword. It excites you but bestows upon you a bulk of responsibilities. That is also the case in picking either worthy qualitative or quantitative nursing research topics. I hope that one of the Nursing school research topics listed below will lighten your path to choosing what best suits you.

What is a Nursing Research Paper?

Before we get down to that list, we must discuss a nursing research paper. It is a type of writing done by medical students. It’s done with the main aim of honing the skills needed for a career in nursing. Your research topic could either be theoretical or be based on lab applications.

Your supervisor will often look out for how well you understand the main points. S/he will also be checking how keen you are with details and your ability to write critically and coherently on nursing capstone project ideas. Take note that a research paper is not just your regular essay.

For one thing, it is much longer. Other than the length of the work, it involves a lot of research to compile ideas evidenced by authorities in the field and put them into a cohesive bunch.

Tips for Writing Nursing Research Papers

Many nursing students spend time that could be used for actual research worrying about what research topic to choose. Knowing how the structure of your work, how the format for citations should look, and what they should contain can help you better edit your work before it gets to your professor.

Furthermore, I know that there is a nursing paper writing service that you can choose from. But if you’ve decided to write yours by yourself, this will come in handy. To write an impressive paper on a nursing research topic that is worth its salt. A good nursing student should have the following put into consideration:

  • Is the topic unique?
  • Does the topic have relevance in today’s world?
  • Will it be useful in the future?
  • Are there available materials on the topic?

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

Taking care of the mind has an important part to play in the twenty-first century. These are some of the most interesting and researchable topics in nursing whether or not you decide to buy nursing papers online:

  1. Determining the significance of joining mental and physical health care.
  2. Best practices for dementia treatments.
  3. The effectiveness of mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation.
  4. Evaluating the relationship between cancer treatments and depression.
  5. Effective methods for the treatment of domestic violence victims.
  6. Connections between air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease.
  7. Analysing the effectiveness of meditation on patients.
  8. Social media effects on young adults and adolescents.
  9. Novel methods of prevention and treatment for Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  10. Depression in women is caused by premenstrual syndrome.
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Midwifery Nursing Research Topics

The ability to give birth is a blessing. However, it comes with its unique challenges. Pregnancy is an important part of a woman’s life. That is why it is grouped separately from generic women’s health care. Here are some topics that are worthy of research:

  1. Obese pregnant women: the most important safety precautions.
  2. The impact of delayed umbilical cord clamping on the mother.
  3. Effects of a postnatal period on the mind.
  4. The value of antenatal appointments.
  5. The impact of community involvement during pregnancy.
  6. Risk factors involved in advanced age delivery.
  7. Prolonged labour and pain reduction methods.
  8. Childbirth and associated psychological trauma.
  9. Weight management during pregnancy: methods and effectiveness.
  10. The value of a partner’s involvement in perinatal activities.

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

This area of nursing deals with child care and support. It is often taken as a specialisation. Those who specialise in pediatric care tend to be individuals below eighteen. Even though this may be true, more emphasis is placed on infants and toddlers. The following includes some pretty good research topics in this field:

  1. The optimisation of modern childhood cancer treatment.
  2. Prevention strategies for obesity in children and young adults.
  3. Evaluating the relationship between obesity and cardiovascular diseases.
  4. The value of stem cells in the treatment of infants.
  5. Diagnosing and managing asthma in infants.
  6. Autism: understanding the patient’s language.
  7. Evaluating the relationship between early childhood stress and cognitive development disorders.
  8. Infant nutrition: preventing obesity and metabolic disorders.
  9. Examining the effectiveness of music therapy on children with ADHD.
  10. ADHD in infants: effective management methods.

Adult Nursing Research Topics

Prevention and management of diseases is a pretty interesting line of work. Although a nurse should be able to tend to patients irrespective of their age. Adult nursing focuses on people aged eighteen to sixty-five. Anyone above that age is grouped with the elderly. Here are a few research topics in adult nursing:

  1. Innovative clinical cardiology.
  2. Cardiological imaging processes.
  3. Non-chemical methods of bipolar disorder management.
  4. Sexually transmitted infections: contemporary prevention practices.
  5. Modern health care and spirituality.
  6. Home health care for the feeble.
  7. Community nursing and service expansion.
  8. The relationship between staff retention and community health care.
  9. Medical marijuana; the pros and cons.
  10. The place of gender in patient’s confidence.
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Women’s Health Nursing Research Topics

Women act as a portal for bringing life into the world. Quite commonly, they are charged with nourishing it. It comprises the fitness and nutrition of women. It also comprises the evaluation of their state of mind. Everything from the prevention and treatment of physical diseases and conditions to the stability of the woman’s mind is enveloped here. These are some topics to care for the women:

  1. The effects of culture on women’s health.
  2. The long and short term effects of female genital mutilation.
  3. The relationship between stress and hypoactive sexual desire disorder.
  4. The relationship between stress and acne in women.
  5. Practices to avoid in maternity medical assistance.
  6. Feminism in the woman’s health care.
  7. The effects of language barriers in the woman’s health care sector.
  8. Post-menopausal depression: effective management methods.
  9. Adequate handling of premenstrual syndrome.
  10. Examining meditation and yoga as antidepressants.

Elderly Care Nursing Research Topics

It is also known as geriatrics. The care of senior citizens is a practice vital to every community. It is part of a study known as gerontology. This part deals with the physical, mental, and social aspects of growing old. Little wonder why there are so many people who are interested in it. Here are a few topics that you should consider:

  1. Preventive measures for delirium in senior citizens.
  2. Improved care strategies for managing the pains associated with old age.
  3. Prevention strategies for Alzheimer’s in older people.
  4. Effects of prolonged stay on critically ill older persons.
  5. Modern treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. The relationship between old age and stroke.
  7. Prevention and maintenance strategies for hypertensive patients.
  8. Early detection of hypotension.
  9. Old age and cognitive dissonance: modern best practices.
  10. Encouraging oral hydration among the elderly.

Critical Care Nursing Research Topics

This practice area involves a lot of tender loving care, also known as TLC. Critical care is the area of nursing that handles critically ill patients. The care of those on the verge of death or patients who are unstable. Topics to write about in this field include the following:

  1. The place of nurses in palliative care.
  2. Readmission of critical care patients: a critical analysis.
  3. Communication difficulties experienced by health care providers in the Intensive Care Unit.
  4. The private and public health care system: a comparative study.
  5. The place of intensive care in the health sector.
  6. The relationship between clinical management and critical care in the health sector.
  7. Prescription of medication: the capacity of nurses, especially in cases of emergency.
  8. Examining the reason for mental exhaustion in critical care nurses.
  9. The Intensive Care Unit and the appropriateness of an alarm system.
  10. Investigating the emotional intelligence factor of critical care nursing staff.

Psychiatric Nursing Research Topics

Psychiatric nursing involves the care offered to people with mental disabilities or mental disorders. In other words, a psychiatric nurse is a nurse that specialises in taking care of patients who have something wrong with their minds. Topics of interest in this speciation include:

  1. Genetic factors affecting bipolar disorders.
  2. Redefining the identity of a schizophrenic patient.
  3. Post-traumatic stress disorder: awareness and management techniques.
  4. Social media and the imposter syndrome.
  5. Interrogating the efficacy of alternative treatments for depression.
  6. The relationship between clinical depression and lifestyle changes.
  7. A review of psychiatric nurses’ stigmatisation experiences.
  8. Necessary qualities of a psychiatric nurse.
  9. Nursing skills relevant for psychiatric ward safety.
  10. The necessity of occupational therapy for nurses in the psychiatric practice.

Health Promotion Nursing Research Topics

This area of Medicare calls for the involvement of people in taking care of their health. Therefore, a health promotion nurse assesses the needs of an individual and/or community. As well as their resources and looks for a way to reduce their mortality rate. They improve their general well-being. Here are a few topics in this regard:

  1. Exercise programs for senior citizens.
  2. Understanding and tackling the hindrances of smoke cessation.
  3. Causes of inactivity in young adults.
  4. Possible solutions and motivations for physical activity in the youth population.
  5. Innovative means of encouraging cancer screening.
  6. Peer to peer accountability: the future of public health care.
  7. Personal and environmental hygiene initiatives for low-income earners.
  8. The relationship between ultraviolet rays and skin cancer.
  9. The relationship between malnutrition and death in rural communities.
  10. The road from inactivity to death: a slippery slope.
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Pain Management Nursing Research Topics

Pain management is quite broad and also quite vital. It is among the most important skills any nurse in any specialisation should master before they begin to attend to patients. It deals with the ability to make the pain go away completely or to at least be bearable. Here are some pretty interesting ideas that you can work on as your project:

  1. Common beliefs and approaches to the appraisal of pain.
  2. Post-surgery pain: a cause for medication or not.
  3. Adequate management of chronic pain.
  4. Geriatric patients and effective pain management.
  5. Pain management in child care: modern best practices.
  6. Infant and teenage post-surgery pain relief.
  7. Contemporary trends in pain management nurses should be aware of.
  8. Effects of inadequate handling of pain.
  9. Examining pain levels during surgery.
  10. Effective lifestyle changes to reduce pain.

Ethics Nursing Research Topics

  1. The place of ethics in nursing.
  2. What can be considered unethical to a nurse?
  3. The use of physical restraints in the geriatric practice: the ethics of the matter.
  4. Ethics in the Intensive Care Unit: A Guide.
  5. What describes an ethical nurse.
  6. How to respond to emergencies: a code of ethics.
  7. Dealing with a different point of view: a nurse’s perspective.
  8. Euthanasia or not: an end of a life case study.
  9. Managing moral distress in daily medical care.
  10. Combining professional ethics with religion: a nurse’s guide.

Research is a crucial aspect of nursing, and choosing the right topic is essential. Luckily, you can seek assistance from a professional essay writing service like PapersOwl.com to help you identify the ideal topics for your nursing research paper. We offer a variety of relevant topics related to nursing research to help you craft a comprehensive and informative essay that meets your requirements. Our expertise can help you narrow down your options and choose the best possible topic for your research paper.


Do not forget that a paper on nursing intervention research topics differs from an essay on whether it is safe for nurses to give a diagnosis. As stated earlier, it takes several pages to complete a research paper. Putting all that research into a singular body of work can also be daunting. That is why, except your professor suggests otherwise, here is a well-respected structure that begs imitation. The Title Page is where you impute your name and project title. The Abstract is a summary that describes what your research is about. Next, in the Introduction, you tell the reader why it is important to read what you have spent so much time and energy putting together. You should also tell the reader which works have been done in that area previously.

After that, you then tell us what Methods you used to derive your data and the characteristics of the research participants. From there, you proceed to do something of a Result “dump,” where every possible finding you have made is displayed. In the Discussion, you analyse the results you have presented to reveal a noticeable pattern. It should also tell the reader the limitations of your work. And finally, you must make a judgment based on the information you have posited — stating the conclusion.


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