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Guidelines On Writing A Thesis Proposal

06 Jul 2018Thesis Writing Guides

Thesis proposal - it is a scientific work, the presentation of which allows you to qualify for the award of a degree or qualification. This scientific work must have practical significance and novelty. In addition, a student should have officially published research works, which directly relate to the topic of his/her thesis topic. Successful presentation of this work leads to a Ph.D. degree.

This university assignment should show the author's theoretical potential to his/her ability to interpret various theories and concepts, the ability to think creatively about the analyzed material, and level of proficiency in specialized science terminology. Thesis proposal testifies to the author's experience in applying scientific methods and methods that are used in applied and fundamental sciences (social science, literature, history) and in understanding an application of pedagogical knowledge in practice. Every undergraduate should understand and know the difference between a thesis and dissertation.

How To Write A Thesis Proposal On Time?

To achieve this goal, you need to understand that it is simply impossible to cope with such a task in a month or two. Usually, it takes about 6-12 months to prepare and defend a problem statement. Writing a proposal for a thesis will take at least 7-9 months because it is simply impossible to prepare and publish scientific work within less time. In addition, it is necessary to participate in scientific conferences.  

You should place a goal on the autumn semester:

  • Establish a topic and learn its research field;
  • Build a hypothesis;
  • Create a full plan and list of thesis for your graduate scientific work.

The main idea here is to make as much as possible in the autumn semester. Because this way you will be more free in spring when the university workload will be even greater.

The content of a proposal for a thesis should consist of unique and topical information. It should not be full just of the description of scientific facts, but from a careful, detailed analysis of these facts, examining, on examples of typical situations of their existence, discussing available alternatives and the reasons for choosing specific conclusions. In case you lost in among of information, you always can use reliable thesis writing service to ask how to write a thesis proposal and get help. You should remember that writing a dissertation excludes a subjective approach to studied facts.  However, you can add certain subjective moments. That can be brought by the author's creative individuality, his/her personal experience, passions, views, as well as historical, economic, social conditions in which a dissertation was created. Below, you will find more information on how to write a dissertation. There are many practical recommendations, nuances, and characteristics that should come in handy for every student, who strives to prepare a top-notch work.

Tips On Writing A Proposal For A Thesis

Structure of the proposal for a Ph.D. thesis:

  • Title page - first page, filled in under strict rules.
  • Abstract.
  • Table of contents - headers with the indication of pages, like a brief content. They should be without points at the end, last words of headers are connected to the page numbers with sharpeners, each title starts with a capital letter).
  • Introduction - substantiation of the relevance of the topic. The identification of the problem and contradictions, formulation of the problem, the purpose, the object, the subject and the hypothesis of the research; arguments in favor of the chosen research methods, determination of theoretical significance, scientific novelty and practical value of results, indication of the provisions to be defended, the disclosure of the structure of a master assignment, the list of structural elements, rationale for the sequence of their location.
  • Thesis statement.
  • Approach
  • Preliminary discussion and results
  • A work plan with a timetable
  • Implications of research
  • List of references - this is a part of the text that has a reference value.

Main steps in creating a proposal for a thesis proposal:

1. Choose a topic

Everything begins with the choice of the topic, according to which the author will have to make a profound scientific study.

2. Create a plan

A work plan should be developed, which is a kind of scheme according to which the study will be carried out. In general terms, the plan will give a description of a research subject, in the future, it can be supplemented and refined.

3. Find the sources

Acquaintance with the topic literature of the dissertation begins with the development of the concept of research, which is reflected in the work plan and the research topic. There is an opportunity to purposefully conduct a search for sources and more deeply comprehend a material found.

It is necessary to compile a list of all literary sources and constantly supplement it. If the card file is made correctly, even with a cursory review of the titles of sources, you can cover a common theme and clarify your goals.

There are several types of sources:

  • Materials published in the world and domestic publications.
  • Official materials.

Non-published documents - reports on research works, author's abstracts, deposited manuscripts, dissertations.

4. Proofread your thesis proposal

After finish writing, a student's work is not ended. It is very important to do a thorough proofreading and make changes where it is necessary, or even to ask for the help of your confidant. You should ask for help from your supervisor or get your thesis help or special writing services you can find on the Internet.

Composing a dissertation is very difficult, and you need to approach it with all responsibility and gravity. This is the most time-consuming process that requires a lot of time and effort. For its implementation, many students order help from specialized writing companies, because cannot make it by themselves. Directly to write a doctoral dissertation in the presence of research material it takes at least 2-3 months, but cases, when work is delayed for a year, are not uncommon. Keep this in mind and plan time and effort ahead. And remember, a text of your dissertation research should not only reflect the results of the scientific activity of a graduate student or doctoral candidate but also correspond to a number of formal requirements built on unified methodological principles.

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