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How to Write a Concise Dissertation Abstract

You may be wondering why you even need to bother writing the abstract in your dissertation. Among all the other elements in the assignment, what role does the abstract play and how to create a perfect one?

What is the Dissertation Abstract?

An abstract is a concise summarization of all identified and important points in the academic paper. It can be 300 to 500 words long, which can take up an entire page! However, some universities may prefer an abstract that is shorter. The purpose of an abstract is to state what the research paper is all about contrary to the findings and executive summary.

Having said that, the abstract format consists of the aim of the research, methodology, findings, and implications of the findings. Since it covers all of these points, the reader doesn’t have to go through the entire paper to understand what the topic is about.

Professors will look at the abstracts first. If they like them, they will proceed with reading the entire research paper!

Abstract: Size and Structure

Honestly speaking, there are plenty of things that must be shortened and summarized while writing a dissertation abstract. For that reason, your professor may tell you to divide the different parts of the dissertation outline and organize them before getting them on paper!

Therefore, note down these points in proper order:

  • Your reason to research this issue.

  • What is the crucial issue?

  • Summarize how you conducted the research.

  • Your research findings.

  • Mention the solutions that you have found.

  • Challenges and limitations faced during the research.

You may also want to reserve a separate page for the abstract. The sentences must be double-spaced as well. If you are still struggling with the structure of research abstracts, dissertation writers are the way to go to get some help from. They’re professionals in this area, and they can surely help.

Besides, a PhD student must invest 200 to 300 words into the abstracts in order to get the approval of their professors. In most cases, your professor will provide all the information regarding how to write a dissertation abstract. But it doesn’t hurt to study some internet content for more information!

When it comes to the structure of the abstract, it should mirror what you discussed in the entire thesis. So, don’t forget to mention all the chapters in the paper in the abstract including a small summary of each.

Practical Tips on How to Write an Abstract for a Dissertation

We can all use some useful tips to come up with the best abstracts for our research paper. Having said that, here are some useful tips that you can follow if you are serious about how to write an abstract!

Begin with Why and What

Remember that this is a research paper. You must study and find problems in particular dissertation topics, conduct thorough research, and provide solutions. For that reason, always start writing with Why and What questions. However, don’t go into details here. You can save the details for some other time.

Showcase What You Found

To master the art of writing an abstract, you must present the findings of your research to the reader. You will find many solutions, but only use the ones that are relevant and gives you credibility. Depending on the topic of the literature, don’t forget to add some calculations and statistics for better grades!

Spend Time Reviewing Every Sentence

No matter how many points you gather for your academic paper, you don’t have to include all of them. What you are writing must be relevant to the topic, and it must be able to produce useful findings.

Keeping this in mind, you must go through each and every sentence many times for originality and relevance. Whenever you read your work, you may feel like making adjustments here and there to bring out the best version!

Maintain Consistency

Needless to say, a requirement of any university assignment is to maintain consistency. This is especially true when you are writing a dissertation. Since you are dealing with different data and analytics, you have to make sure that the whole project remains centred.

Avoid Repeating

Now, this factor can vary based on the subject. But in most cases, professors allow some repetition on the paper. You may have to repeat the questions so as to reach a new conclusion about the research. But avoid verbosity.

What Makes a Good Abstract?

If you are trying to learn how to write an abstract for a dissertation, you need to make sure that you produce a good one. It must be structured, present accurate terminology to the reader, and use proper methods as assigned by the professor.

An abstract is an important part of your thesis, no matter how you look at it. When an external examiner reads, he automatically gets informed about how the rest of the assignment will flow. If we’ve learned one thing from experience, writing a perfect dissertation requires that you give your professor a positive first impression.

Make sure that you understand the content of the paper and present them in a concise manner for the reader. Naturally, your thesis will contain several chapters, and they must all be mentioned in the abstract.

One of the reasons for the abstract is that it can highlight your findings from the research topic. You need to back up the claims that you made in the paper as well. Usually, you should leave the last section of the abstract to summarize and interpret your findings.

Besides, we encourage you to write it at the end of your work because you have to provide a concise summary of what you know. Therefore, it must be a self-contained text which must be understandable on its own.

Some professors may give you some qualitative dissertation help, so make sure you take notes of that. It also helps to study other abstracts written by other people. Don’t copy anything directly but take some hints, that’s all!

Perfect Abstract Example

Here is an example of how to write a dissertation abstract for the purpose of review and clarity for your next thesis paper. It doesn’t matter how long you will take to get this together, just do your best, and that should be enough!

Understand how the structure has been constructed and create write the best research paper. If not, get in touch with the customer support of PapersOwl today, so they can create it for you! Having said that, here is an example:

In modern days, demand and competition dominate the corporate atmosphere. By allowing autonomy among employees, organizations can see high-quality performance and motivation in the team while ensuring the well-being and a proper work-life balance. This research employs an analysis of ‘autonomy-thwarting’ and ‘autonomy-supporting’ motivational techniques. In fact, this research was conducted for the next generation of workers in society. Findings include participants in an autonomy-supportive condition possess a greater intrinsic motivation to carry out their tasks and are also able to present superior performance skills. These types of behaviour are not seen in a controlling motivational style. Moreover, this research paper also uncovered that there is more to motivation and that understanding the quality of motivation can help in various areas of your life. To end, this paper can also demonstrate that autonomy can be influenced to achieve better results in motivation, performance, and business success.

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