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How to Expand Your Essay Without Losing Your Reader’s Attention

Written by Bonnie Adair
Posted: March 23, 2023
Last update date: June 20, 2024
6 min read

Is your essay word count not up to the mark? Each of us faced this problem when writing voluminous works. You have already outlined all your thoughts and developed your idea, but the length of writing is still insufficient. Don’t worry, there are some easy tricks to solve this problem. In this article, we will share with you working tips on how to make your essay longer. We will also warn you about techniques that should not be used to make your essay longer, not to put your assessment at risk.

Essential Parts of an Essay

Any essay consists of three main parts: introduction, body part, and conclusion. The first paragraph exists to interest the reader, attract his attention, and bring him up to date. A topic sentence is a common beginning for an essay. It briefly reflects the main narrative of the paper.

Then follows the main part, divided into one to three paragraphs, each presenting new ideas. In the central section, you present the bulk of the intended information. Be sure to follow the logic of the narrative, and remember to use linking words to transition between topics.

And finally, there are conclusions. You can find some examples of strong conclusions on writing service PapersOwl. In this paragraph, you have to clearly and briefly lay down the thoughts that you came up with in the course of essay writing. In simple words, if the reader only gets acquainted with the introduction and conclusion, he should be able to clearly understand what the essay is about.

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Tips on How to Make an Essay Longer

Well, you have already completed the basic requirements and written the three main sections of the paper, but still, there are not enough words to fulfill the minimum page count. This will never happen when you purchase custom essays written by professionals. However, let’s point out the ways to improve your essay quality and get a perfect score.

Illustrate Your Ideas With Examples

The requirements for some essays include the obligatory use of examples to reinforce ideas. Adding visuals to your essay will not only help increase the word count but also make it easier for readers to understand. Give multiple examples to support your information. Provide an example from the lives of famous people, a convincing argument, your own experience, or even scientific experiment data. This will allow you to sound more convincing and also fill the paper’s word count.

Include Quotations to Increase the Word Count

Many worthy thoughts have already come upon the greatest minds of mankind. By using relevant quotations, you can expand the volume of your essay, filling it with deeper meaning. Choose quotes for essay papers that seem appropriate to you and integrate them into writing. Quotations may be presented as ideas that inspired you to create your paper. However, do not forget to read the citation rules and references formatting so as not to be accused of plagiarism.

Build On Your Message

Read your finished writing again and ensure you have expressed yourself clearly and haven’t missed any detail. Develop your points to share them with the public as unambiguously as possible. Give a few additional arguments, view the topic from new angles, and expand the backstory to immerse the reader in the context of the paper. Don’t forget about the counterargument section.

Make Sure the Notions Are Clear

If you have used professional vocabulary in your writing, do not forget to add an explanation. You can create a small glossary or simply explain the meaning of the terms in the general flow. Such important details should be available to the reader so that he has the opportunity to understand the key information.

Elaborate More Transitional Phrases

Having smooth transitions between one idea and the other, one paragraph and another, will ensure ease of reading. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to add length to an essay, you can enrich the text with transitional words and structures. And although this will not add extra information, it will help you keep the narrative coherent.

Provide Supporting Evidence To Achieve Required Word Count

Examine the data, and figure out information that can be supporting evidence for the thoughts you’ve outlined in your essay. The presence of visual indicators leads to an increase in the level of trust in you as a specialist. The trick of presenting more evidence can greatly increase the word count in your essay.

Always Create an Outline to Fit the Paper’s Word Count

Long-form essays require clear structure. Writing an essay outline will save you from the problem of not reaching the minimum word count. In the process of structuring your thoughts, you must indicate how many words you need to write in each section. What should you do if you have already written an essay without having developed an outline before, and now you need to expand it? You still have to create a plan yourself or resort to assignment writing help online. Analyze the finished work, write down the main structural units, and calculate the number of words. This will give you an idea of which paragraphs to expand.

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Tricks Which Can’t Work for Your Teacher

Sometimes, in a desperate desire to lengthen their essay, students resort to ineffective methods. As a result, they remain dissatisfied with their assessment. Let’s look at what mistakes you should avoid so as not to endanger your performance.

Do not try to enlarge your essay by formatting. Increasing line spacing or making the font size bigger won’t get you to the point. The problem is that the larger font is visible, so your teacher will notice your cheating straight away. Playing with standards of margin size and choosing larger font will undermine your reputation in the teacher’s eyes. It’s always better to provide more examples or simply make the header longer to poet some extra space for the research.

Shifting the responsibility to your trusted friend is not an option. Many people advise giving your paper to a friend for verification, but this is not at all a reliable solution. You can entrust the check to a professional writer, who will check if you missed something and if the font size and other formatting are correct. However, delegating paper verification to a friend if he is not a certified linguist will not bring results.

Adding more words by eliminating abbreviations does not require much work, but it greatly simplifies the content of your research. Don’t resort to a redundancy writing strategy, but try to add a couple of sentences to the conclusion. This will not only increase the length but give you some extra points for interesting ideas.

Plagiarizing other writers’ thoughts and directly copying phrases and paragraphs is the worst idea of all. Your research paper is supposed to be original, and each argument you provide should be formulated creatively. However, there are still some tricks to beat Turnitin that professional writers have shared with students. Still, don’t try to make your essay longer by copy-pasting.

The last point is not to double your own argument. We know it can be hard for students to come up with ideas on how to increase the length of the paper, but parroting your own points is not going to make your essay interesting for readers. Try to add a couple of sentences to each of the existing paragraphs instead.

Writing an essay is a difficult and complex task. Turning your thoughts into coherent and structured phrases is more of a challenge than it might seem. However, when you have wandered into a dead end, do not despair. Taking a fresh look at your writing will help you gather your thoughts and write a great essay. By following our simple tips, you can easily add length to your paper and get a high score.

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