Perception of Homosexuality in Society

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“There was no evidence to be found that the homosexuals had some sort of specific job, or at least there were no results. They may have just had regular jobs they carried throughout the camps Many of the jobs that the gay male prisoners were required to do within the concentration camps may have demanded the people to be strong, and able to complete heavy duty jobs such as working in the Crematoria’s, factories, and coal mines while in terrible conditions.

Now, besides them working in awful conditions it was topped off by treating the gay males as the lowest of the low in the camps and some, if not all of the homosexual men were introduced to human experiments with them playing the main role. Nazi doctors tried to find some kind of cure to homosexuality since they believed that it was some sort of illness. At Buchenwald, Danish doctor Carl Værnet conducted hormonal experiments on homosexual men. He was awarded 1,500 German marks monthly from the SS funds to test his “”cure””, which involved incisions in the subject’s groin where an artificial male sexual gland was implanted. This was a metal tube that released testosterone over a prolonged period, as the doctor believed that a lack of testosterone was the cause of homosexuality. After this, many of those experimented on claimed that the cure worked and they felt attraction towards females, but their word could not be trusted as the nazis knew they may have been trying to just escape the camps. Those who did not show any improvement have this or any experiment were labeled as chronic or incurable.

There was something else the nazis tried to do to cure homosexuality and that was for the lesbains and homosexuals to perform sexual acts with each other once a week and listed this as therapy. The therapy also included humiliation through beatings and ridicule as well as the policy of segregating homosexuals from other prisoners, which was also implemented out of the rumor that homosexuality can be spread to other inmates of all kinds and Nazi guards”

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