Why should Gay Marriage be Legal?

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Updated: Sep 07, 2023
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Most people, like upstanding citizens who pay their taxes and abide by the laws, believe that they deserve the same rights granted to any other citizens by the government. Views on these individuals tend to change if they are gay or lesbian. Homosexual couples are often the main targets of this conflict, with people arguing they should not be allowed to marry. The argument is that legalizing gay marriage could open the door to all kinds of unusual behaviors under the guise of allowing homosexual couples to marry.

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However, the US Supreme Court has established and upheld laws to protect same-sex couples. By 2015, all fifty states allowed this type of marriage, recognizing that gay and lesbian people pay taxes to the government just like any other citizen (Harvard). If the government can enforce the right to pay taxes and judge everyone equally, then homosexual couples should have the right to marry too. The lack of legal recognition for homosexual couples affects them in numerous ways.

The struggle is more complicated than simply arguing whether or not they should be allowed to marry because they live together. If the government enforces the same laws on homosexual people as it does on heterosexual people, such as paying taxes that contribute to the community, why should same-sex couples face discrimination instead of being granted the same rights?

This argument mirrors the one presented in the Baker V. Vermont court case. “Gay and lesbian couples had argued that they were denied the protection of more than 300 laws as a result of not being allowed to marry” (Robinson 232). This shows that in legal terms, it is clear that homosexuals are not treated equally under the law. Over time, gay and lesbian same-sex civil marriages have demonstrated that the concept of “marriage,” and the rights that all citizens deserve, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, can and should be respected unanimously.

A possible concern arises from those arguing from a religious standpoint, who claim same-sex marriages violate their fundamental biblical tenets. They argue no culture has endorsed the idea of men marrying men or women marrying women. This concern is understandable but the separation of church and state is a fundamental principle that must be observed.

While most religions see homosexuality as a sin, that does not mean states are incapable of legalizing gay marriage. The role of the state and the government is not to impose religious ideas or beliefs, but to support the constitutional and inalienable rights of all citizens. The decision to marry should be the individual’s own, based on what they want or on their preferences. No one, including the government, should be able or think they are capable of intruding on and controlling the personal lives of citizens to the extent of denying them the civil right to marry due to their sexual orientation.

The decision should not be coming from religious leaders, government or some other type of person or maybe organization who would think or decide something based on what is beneficial for them, not taking in account the feelings or rights that this individual has. The number of same-sex couples has increased tremendously; marriage is about love and supporting one another, and if people feel comfortable and do not have any problem with being with someone who is of the same sex as them, then why should their freedoms be limited?

Perhaps, states should allow the civil union between same-sex couples and grant them with all of the same rights as heterosexual couples. Nowadays, we live in a world full of people with many different cultures, lifestyles, customs, and beliefs. We have overcome many challenging obstacles in the past that had to deal with discrimination, and we also had created a system of rules that were given to the people in order to protect their individual rights and also them as a persona.

Banning same-sex marriage is a contradiction to the First Amendment which clearly states that every single person in the United States has freedom of speech, expression, and religion, so it it’s important for people as a society to recognize that worrying too much about gay and lesbian couples has nothing to do with them. Homosexuals are human beings too, and they should be treated like one, with respect, just like any other male and female couple and everybody, gay or not, should be treated equally.

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