Analyze why European Nations Pursued Overseas Exploration and Colonization

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Exploration is the act of exploring something to discover some new information on places, people or the resources itself. Exploration can be done in anything to get new information on anything like different spices, different places or the different places. But in simple language exploration means actual purpose for discovery. In history, Europeans pursued overseas exploration to get information or discover new things or new places so that they could colonize. The main purpose of exploration in the history was to discover new places in search of various resources, minerals, land, spices, wealth etc.

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Colonization generally means to take control over others land or area or country and settling in the area that is completely new. In the other word, colonization can also be said as gaining control over people of different area or place or the whole area itself. Colonization usually takes place due to various reason. Colonist starts looking for different factors in order to colonize which may include search of more resources, spices, increase their territory, being dominant to the area or place they want capture and for the economic growth. Similarly, the main reason for European exploration and colonization was that they wanted to improve their economy by receiving more spices, gold and larger territory with faster trading routes. Not only that the Europeans wanted to colonize because they wanted to spread their religion (Christianity) all over the world and also with the interest of discovering a new land. There were two waves of colonization in the history ,the first one was during the Europe’s Age of Discovery and the second wave was Scramble for Africa. Now I would limit my research paper to the following questions:

  1. When did the colonization by the European took place?
  2. What were the Europeans looking for during their exploration?
  3. Which country did the European colonize?
  4. Was there any economic reason for the exploration done by the Europeans?
  5. Was there any religious reason for the exploration done by the Europeans?

The principal European colonization wave occurred from the mid fifteenth century (with the Portuguese success of Ceuta in 1415) until the mid-nineteenth century (French attack of Algeria in 1830), and essentially included the European colonization of the Americas, however it likewise incorporated the foundation of European provinces in India and in Maritime Southeast Asia. Amid this period, European interests in Africa essentially centered around the foundation of exchanging posts there, especially for the African slave exchange.

There were various things that the Europeans were looking for during the exploration. The new world contained lots of money that the European could not take their step back. The increasing interest for fascinating sustenance, flavors, metals, for example, gold and silver, hides, and slaves was very high, and the European countries started to colonize on the new land so that they could get all the resources that they are lacking and which had high demand. They want to take the power over other land, get the resources in less price from the place they took over and use the resources in their factories which would be cheaper and help improve the economy as whole. They wanted to improve their economy and get in power over others land and area by receiving resources from those countries and increasing its land territory.

Additional to that they truly had the confidence and determination in the need to spread their religion that is Christianity and at last, they investigated for their very own advantage like distinct ion for finding new land or territory and be on power. Therefore, there were three primary purpose behind the European exploration. During the history, economic, religious and magnificence (glory) were the three important factor or purpose behind European colonization and exploration.

Europeans wanted to be in more power and wanted to obtain more wealth for which the only easy and cheapest source was to colonization. Europeans needed huge amount of raw materials and the resources in order to run their factories and import of raw materials from another country or different land would be more expensive, but they knew that colonization will help them obtain all their required materials and resources much cheaper from the place they colonize (their colonies). After the colonization they would be in power and get all the raw materials in comparatively cheaper price which automatically helped them improve their economy. In addition to that, obtaining the mineral resources like gold and silver from their colonies would make them richer in terms of wealth.

At a certain point ever, a few countries of Europe turned into the most dominant and prevailing in the world. A few European nations pursued the trek made by Columbus looking for new exchange courses to Asia and they wound up colonizing north America. Spain, Portugal, France, Holland and England were the five European countries that were affected by the colonization. These five European countries went far and wide discovering and colonizing any land and its area in search of economic power and wealth they end up colonizing united states of America.

Money related factors influenced Europeans to research the world. Previously and amid the Age of Exploration, countries were trading between each other. Dealers conveyed flavors from the Far East to Europe to exchange for a benefit. Europeans wanted to bring goods from the east, but they had to pay huge amount to the central man just to present them the goods because it was a long voyage across over the places. Therefore, one reason Europeans began investigating was to locate a quicker, less expensive course to the Far East. Money related test with Portugal affected Spain to help Christopher Columbus and others to research the unmapped grounds in the New World. They wanted to find gold and silvers in the unmapped land and ger richer also wanted the cheaper and fastest route to Asia.

A few European nations pursued the outing made by Columbus looking for new exchange courses to Asia. They wound up colonizing North America for various financial reasons. Spain colonized America since they were looking for gold and silver. They found a great deal of gold and silver when they vanquished the Aztec and Inca Empires.

There was huge proportion of furs found in north America during that time, because of which France colonized with north America in order to get the furs. France then established trade with the Indians for furs since Indians were ready to trade in comparatively cheaper price and then took back and sold them in Europe because people were ready to pay high price for the same furs in Europe.

After the fur trade, they needed a proper place or city for the business that would be worldwide to set up and the Dutch from the Netherlands begin a city in America called New Amsterdam, which the English later took control over and renamed as New York. The fur trade was the primary business in New Amsterdam. New York City is yet a universal exchange center today.

The English colonized north America because of various economic reasons. England was changing from agricultural sector. Their economy was so poor and could not harvest product and sell it to others due to which they could not pay rent and had to leave. Also, overpopulation lead to unemployment, cities were crowed that is why they moved to new world. Essentially, They discovered products that has good marketplace in Europe those who settled in new England discovered timbers that were extraordinary for structure ships, those who settled in the center provinces of New York and Pennsylvania discovered great farmland that was good for developing nourishment that could be sold in Europe. And finally, the English that colonized the southern settlements found that region was useful for developing money crops like tobacco.

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