Addressing Homelessness Lie

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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According to recent studies, about 150 million people worldwide are homeless. It is estimated that another 1.6 billion people live in inadequate housing conditions. This means that about 20% of the world’s population suffers from poor housing conditions, homelessness or from the danger of becoming homeless.

Poverty is a big reason when it comes to homelessness. If people have debts and don’t have a suitable job to pay them off, they may lose their homes as they won’t be able to pay their monthly loan rate.

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It may also affect many college students. They often have a fairly high level of debt to college after graduation. This college debt often implies fairly high interest rates. If these graduates cannot find a well-paid job, they may be left homeless even with a high level of education.

In addition, orphans often have a low level of education, as they often drop out of school and start working to earn enough money for their daily expenses. If they lose their jobs, they may not be able to find a job that pays enough money to afford housing because of their low level of education. Thus, orphanhood increases the likelihood of becoming homeless.

Lack of education increases the likelihood of homelessness in general. People with a low level of education are less likely to find a high-paying job. This can lead to homelessness, as housing is quite expensive in some regions, and if you only have a low-paying job, you probably can’t afford housing. One example of this is the Silicon Valley boom. Housing has become unaffordable for people with middle-income jobs, and therefore the number of homeless has increased dramatically over the past decade.

Unemployment may be another cause of homelessness. Imagine that you are working at work, and one day your boss simply terminates your work contract without prior notice. So you will have to find a new job pretty soon to be able to pay your bills. If you cannot find a new job, you will most likely be homeless because you will not be able to pay rent.

Homelessness can also be caused by natural disasters. Regions affected by natural disasters often lose important parts of their infrastructure. This will lead to a loss of livelihood for many people. In addition, these regions will often suffer from a significant decline in tourism, as tourists usually want to spend their holidays in beautiful places, and not in areas that have been destroyed. However, since many poor countries rely on tourists as their only source of income, many people may become unemployed due to natural disasters and, consequently, will no longer be able to afford housing.

The use of substances such as drugs or alcohol can increase the likelihood of homelessness. There are certain substances that are highly addictive. People who consume these substances can only care about their supplies and don’t care too much about paying rent. This behavior often leads to homelessness, because after several refusals to pay rent, the landlords terminate your lease.

Mental health conditions can also lead to homelessness. People with mental health problems often feel lonely and do not consider themselves a valuable part of our society. Since they may feel uncomfortable and have no prospects for a better future, they may simply give up and not care about the adverse consequences in the future. Thus, they may end up homeless as they will no longer be able to pay rent.

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