Equality of Heterosexual and Homoesexual Marriage

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Marriage is traditionally known as a legal or official personal relationship between a man and a woman. In today’s society, there are two types of matrimonies, heterosexual and homoesexual marriage. Many people have non identical views regarding homosexual marriage. Homosexual marriage is a controversial issue and a major topic in the United States. Religion, Social value, and financial components are a few of the examples that play a crucial part in the controversy towards the two types of aforementioned marriages.

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Although marriage is marriage, there are different advantages and disadvantages and entitlements for homosexual and heterosexual marriages .

Controversial issues have stated the religious or traditional acceptance to heterosexual marriage is completely inadequate to homosexual couples. In many upholding marriages, it is said in a court appeal that “marriage is defined with the relationship between men and women”. In a bible verse towards the heterosexual marriage, it explains that “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination”. ‘Leviticus 18:22” Cleary, it is stating that only heterosexual people have more of a right to marriage than those of the same sex. These expectations to heterosexual marriage can also can fall into where kids see an expectation as parents to be a mother and father figure or give the children a view of what the “normal” or “average” type of relationship and lifestyle should look like. In difference to what homosexual marriage is understood as, because it is being opposed in the bible, many religious people have overcome this bias guideline to support the marriage of the homosexual race. Also, since the tradition of marriage is supposed to accumulate in a maternity stage and since the homosexual couple is not able to accumulate maternity, this gives a better opportunities for adoption. In consideration of the homosexual couple, will be capable to raise a kid just as any other couple.

Recognizing the marriage for gay couples can help boost the economy for a better financial gain as well. From an article by M.V Lee Badgett, a economist measured that an ordinary same sex couple should be legalized in most states in view of considering that they are not able to get married, and cannot claim for an employer insurance or are uninsured. Same sex couples are not able to get preventative care or care they cannot afford. Unlike the heterosexual married couples that are insured, and are able to get the health care needed without the struggle of underpay, they also have to pay the remaining budget that the homosexual taxpayers are not able to pay for. This would end up costing us all the extra need for money to spend on extra taxes. Legalizing this issue of authorizing homosexual couples to get married in different states will equally benefit everyone in their lifetime. It will save money for those paying the additional amount on taxes and enable the homosexual couples to be insured. Making this decision will make the foundations of our economy and government very brawn.

Taking on this marriage there are a few certain social agendas you might face. Many states establish that are hetersexual couples will not be discriminated because of their relationship with their partner. Since it is commonly known for a man and woman to be together not many people will disrespect those who regard that expectation. However when being married to a person that is the same sex, your life seems to have many complications. Many hatred groups have been banned due to the denial towards the LGBT community. Websites, Social media accounts such as twitter pages or even television channels have been reported for impolitely talking down on the homosexual couples. Not many people see eye to eye with this issue, and wish that it could be different but the other same sex couples just wish for the equality that any accustomed person has.

Overall, Homosexual marriage should not have any different entitlements when planning to become wedded with someone as the same sex. The couples that undergo a marriage with the rights acquainted to them should feel just as equal and accepted as to any other couple getting married.

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