Freedom for same Sex Marriage

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Marriage is a fundamental personal right, but it is also good for families and for society. Thera are about 9 million gay people in the US, According to the 2010 census, about 640,000 same sex couple households. That is a lot of people who are denied important legal and social benefits unless gay marriage is recognized. Gay families have been living as real families for decades now, even in the absence of the full sanction of marriage. They’ve shown that they have the same capacities and need as other families for love and support.

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There are already a million children in this country raised by gay parents. The social science data suggests that parental sexual orientation has no relationship to good parenting. Like everyone else, gay families have their problems with injuries, illness, and unemployment.

Yet they lack the irreplaceable social and legal right that marriage confers. Marriage is designed to impose obligations and conger rights and to sustain a couple in times of crisis, as when one person is in the hospital and you need to get access to that room, or when you need to take time off to take care of a partner. To some extent by law, marriage encourages spouses to commit to each other. By giving them a common language commitment to their relationship. Also, it gives them a degree of legitimacy and support that civil unions and domestic partnerships do not cover. Gay marriages have not had any effect on heterosexual marriages. In fact, in the states that support same sex marriage there has not been no harmful effect on marriage rates, divorce rates, or out-of-wedlock child births. Massachusetts, which was the first state in the country to recognize gay marriages, still has the lowest divorce rate in the country. It’s not good enough for the government to tell gay people that they are free to marry of the opposite sex. Overall marriage is fundamental in the formation of personal relationships and families it doesn’t matter if they are gay or heterosexual. So, the government should not limit their freedom to marry.

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