Overcoming Social Pain: a Problem-Solution Essay

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Updated: Nov 30, 2022
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Overcoming Social Pain: a Problem-Solution Essay essay

Pain comes in various forms. While physical pain caused by physiological problems is usually easier to diagnose and treat; psychological pain, sometimes referred to as psychalgia, is more difficult to identify as an actual source of distress. Various factors may lead to mental disturbance, sometimes manifesting itself with physiological signs. Mental suffering may cause psychogenic pain, which is a type of pain of psychic origin that causes physiological discomfort even with the absence of a pathophysiological cause. All these are signs of emotional pain that an individual may be going through, and overcoming it with proper methods is crucial. While it may feel like opening a can of worms, there are several ways to cope with social pain.

The first and foremost step to overcome social pain is recognizing one’s feelings of suffering. Denying what one is experiencing or ignoring one’s psychological wounds may lead to a vicious circle of anguish. Especially long-lasting grieving emotions such as heartbreak, bereavement, and solitude may emerge from various happenings. A person may feel forlorn because of abandonment, betrayal, or being condemned by the people they treasure. They may lead a solitary life because they feel left out by their family and friends, because of being isolated in the society they live in, being repulsed by loved ones, or because they seclude themselves from the society, as they feel inferior or worthless. Fear of not measuring up to the expectations of society may also be the cause. Acceptance is the key in taking a step towards healing, as identifying and acknowledging the source of anguish will help to find the right way to overcome it. For some individuals, even simply acknowledging what they feel as a part of their mental state may relieve their burden to a significant extent.

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Another notable step to deal with the anguish of the mind is expressing one’s feelings and experiences. After recognizing and accepting the existence of social pain, expressing it in various methods is important, as it is a meaningful source of relief. Talking about it with a trusted person from their family or friends may help considerably. The individual may be devaluating themselves, feeling unloved, or thinking everything they experience is their fault, that they are a failure. They may feel insignificant to other people and not cherished by their family and friends; this may, however, turn out to be a misunderstanding on their part. As they talk about their feelings of isolation with other people, they may come to learn about others’ feelings and sort out their misconceptions. Sometimes, they may feel defenseless against their suffering. In such cases, even if they do not have the resolution to talk about it with other people, simply talking about it with themselves may help them come to terms with their feelings. Expressing their thoughts and feelings by writing, drawing, painting, and singing may help relieve their pain. Lamenting and crying may make them think of themselves as weak; however, that is not the case as not doing so may thwart their healing process. Repressing bottled up emotions may end up turning their psychological wounds into unhealed scars. Facing these intense feelings head-on may help them stand up from their low point.

While there are various ways to deal with social pain individually, sometimes, internalized pressure and excruciating despair may make it hard to take the necessary step towards recovery. In this case, it is best to seek professional help. An example is that physical pain is not always a symptom of something malfunctioning. For example, we may feel our legs hurting when we do excess exercise. Likewise, negative feelings are a normal part of our emotions, and experiencing emotional pain is healthy. However, it is critical to recognize which emotions are healthy, and which are not. When the emotions we feel turn to be a disease, we must take the required measures to prevent them from influencing our lives adversely. That is why it is crucial to identify our feelings and seek expert assistance when necessary.

In conclusion, even though social pain may be overlooked, and people may make little of its consequences; it is a part of our lives as with other forms of pain, and must be acknowledged and dealt with accordingly. Adopting the appropriate way to overcome social pain is important, and such feelings should not be left alone to go away on their own. One should not lose hope no matter what, as there is always a way to heal emotional pain.

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