Three Different Things you are Passionate about

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Passion is a strong desire that can make you to do amazing things. We all know that everything is relative and depend on the way that we desire to live our lives. Many passions are introduced in different stages. Some of our passions are born with us and some other are develop over the time. However, under my circumstances, my job, traveling, and helping animals is what drives my passion.

My job is one of my passions because instant of making me unsteady gives me energy for what’s important to me. It is not that easy to feel any amount of joy in work if a part of you is telling you different, but even in this situation you still can find something you can enjoy about it. My passion about my job is not about my office space or my salary, but for what I do there. I dedicated a lot of time studying architecture and working as an architect in a real studio makes me thrill. As I learned to approach my desire my work become my life. From where I’m standing know I can tell that all of us should try to find something in our work that can drive our passion on because is the place where we spend most of our time.

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Travelling has not become something that I can enjoy but it has become part of me. I have not been all over the globe, but I have been to over 10 different countries and states. I do have this drive just to pack up and go somewhere. Traveling make me feel like I belong nowhere and everywhere. Also, I have different reasons like food or adventure that make me feel exciting. Tasting different traditional dishes is something wonderful which can make people feel scary in the beginning and curios at the same time. For this reason, I have improved my perception of taste. On the other hand, are so many places around the world that can give as back the free spirit for adventures. Adventures make me feel fear for the unknown. In other words, I enjoy the confusion that travel creates at me.

Helping animals has always been one of my priority of my life. However, I believe that every animal deserves someone who can improve their lives. For instance, leaving in a world where people have lost their innocence and behavior. So, I suppose animals are the ones which really need people who can love and care for them. I have volunteered in the past with the animal shelter and every time had made me feel enthusiast in the end of the day. Helping animal make me discover the ability that I’m naturally good at. Since than I have been attached with the feeling of not stopping about caring for animals.

To sum up, my job, traveling, and helping animals are my specific combinations and reasons that drive my passion. Obviously, we all have our desire that make us have some strong feeling or emotion defined as passion. Passion has no boundary, which make us perfection and our imperfection parts of our virtues and vices.

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