LGBTQ Rights in Afghanistan

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Updated: Aug 12, 2019
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LGBTQ Rights in Afghanistan essay

Afghanistan is an Islamic country and 99% of the people that make the population of Afghanistan is Muslims. Afghanistan’s constitution and laws are depending on the official religion which is Islam. Homosexuality has never been approved by any law in Afghanistan. Homosexuality is a forbidden matter in Afghanistan. They barely speak about it in media and it is considered as something immoral and unethical in Islam. As a result of that, there is no enumeration population of the LGBTQ community which stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. Being a homosexual is illegal and prohibited in Afghanistan. This would occur instead of, or in addition to the complaint being taken under the penal code.

Sharia for establishing punishment is more likely to happen in separate rules societies where individual citizens and vigilante groups attempt to punish anyone who does not understand strict Muslim morals and these cities people convicted of sex or mostly sentenced to prison in 2014, the American advisor to Afghanistan Administration was arrested in sentences to prison sentence for homosexual action with the Afghan person. are there new studies have also mentioned two different male have been jailed for much engaging in same-sex sexual activity. The opinion of being in the LGBTQ community has Mark considerable progress for the right of LGBT people who have experienced a long history of discrimination and persecution. in 2012, Nemeth cell., the erstwhile professor of governmental study in English University of Afghanistan, mobilized the LGBTQ change on on August twenty-two, 2013, he turned into this first public figure to come out as gay and campaign for ginger freedom and sexual Liberation Sada is believed to have split these tables on cross-dressing and sex in Afghanistan. There is no existing law in Afghanistan to label that being in an LGBTQ community is accepted or allowed.

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No one is allowed to make the community itself because there are laws and penalties for people who want to be homosexual. There are many penalties and punishments for people who want to be homosexual and have sexual contact with the same sex. The penalties and punishments include going to prison or even death. The laws and punishments are not only in Afghanistan but in other countries all over the world. Therefore, Islam is not also the only religion that has said no to same-sex marriage or relations. No religion in the world has accepted the LGBTQ people and that is because all religions are against same-sex marriage or relation. In Afghanistan, most people who are homosexuals never want to speak up about their sexuality because they either get killed or send to prison. There might be some shocking percentage of people in Afghanistan who are homosexuals but they are too afraid to speak up about it. Nevertheless, that is because they do not want to go to prison or get kicked out of their families house forever. People who are in same-sex relations can be punished up to 5 and 15 years in prison.

Therefore the command is under the law that prevents all sex between the people who are the same sex and not to marry each other. The law designates that marriage should only happen between a man and a woman. Under the law, the punishment or the penalty for having sex with the same gender can be death sentences. The people who are trying to make the LGBTQ community can get attacked or shut down. It can be complicated and a full disaster for people who are feeling like they have mutual emotions with the same sex in Afghanistan. Their only way as if they think is to continue living and to not talk about their sexuality or them being homosexual. Afghanistan is not the only country to punish or give penalties for individuals who identify themselves as homosexuals. Therefore, Islam is also not the only religion that has denied and not allowed homosexuality.

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