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In 2018, social media is everything. There are about “2.6 billion” (Statista Inc) people on social media and roughly one person spend about “five hours a day”(Gregoire) on their phones. Social Media is used to bring awareness of a topic or person around the world. Many people have utilized social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram and more to view what’s occurring around the globe. However, social media can be a blessing and a curse. Teens suicides has risen by “57 percent”(Davies) in the last year due to a challenge which went viral on social media.

While with the use of social media “35 percent of relationships now start online”(Washington). When relationships are formed, media and film plays a big role on what each gender is supposed to be doing in the relationship leading to unhappiness, and misconceptions on relationships.One reason why media and film plays an exceptional role in gender roles in relationships , is because the concept in the videos becomes very popular and people tend to think it’s the norm. However the solution to this, is for a couple to understand the importance of their relationship. Videos seen on social media should not have enough credibility to influence on hows roles are to be played. Social media can lead to one wishing for change in either something they don’t have what or they are wishing for change in their relationships. For example, films and media have depicted Valentines Day, whereas the man has to bring flowers and jewelry to the female as a surprise. Which leads to countless shares of a video, which leads to females being persistent on insisting on flowers and jewelry. As specified by Madeline Boehmer , who is a communications specialist, confirmed that “$52.2 million dollars” for flowers are spent per year along with “ $50 million dollars” in jewelry per Valentines Day. Gender roles in relationships are being heavily influenced by film and what popular in media at the moment.

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Another reason film is heavily influencing gender roles in romantic relationships due to the fact that men and women are held to certain standards. From the invention of movies, especially romantic movies, tend to give many people the false hope of happy endings, and how relationships is supposed to be. As movies are made , production companies think of instilling perfect relationships in movies for viewers to acquire false information. Not false information that happy endings aren’t possible, but fail to put reality in movies that “ overall probability of marriages now ending in divorce falls between 40% and 50%” (O’Shea). Due to the types of movies, shown which portrays men as the working partner and women to cook and clean and be left alone with the kids. This is also known as The First and Second Shift in the household. In accordance with the movie “The Pleasentville” the movie depicts back from the 1950s of a couple living together, George has come home and sets his hat down, and says “Honey I’m home”, waiting for his wife. He constantly calls out for her ,waiting for a dinner and kiss to be present, however she isn’t present. She is off with another man who makes her feel happy about herself and not wrapped up in serving George. Many people who enter relationships off of movies and what they see tend to end up divorced due to unhappiness.

“Nearly 75% of respondents thought that the female partners in heterosexual couples should be responsible for cooking, doing laundry, cleaning the house, and buying groceries.”(Hillin) This shows how much people are still believing that there’s only one role each gender is supposed to play. However, this lifestyle is still being portrayed so the new generation can learned to be basic when watching Spongebob Squarepants: spongebob stayed home to take care of the clams while patrick went to work. Relationships gender roles are still being heavily influenced on and by media. An additional reason why Film and Media influence gender roles in relationship is due to the fact that relationships tend to be based off of what accepted. When films represent certain things for a period of time, it tend to become popular and a trend. When movies constantly show that men are our females heros or women need men it becomes normal in some people. For instant even in little kids games, whereas Mario has to save Princess Peach teaches the masculinity from adolescent ages about the dominance in a relationship. Until certain filmmakers change the game and put gay men or gay girls into adolescent movies. It changes the way genders roles are portrayed into the world.

It went from women being stay home wives and men working jobs to both gender doing the same thing and both part taking in opposite gender roles too. The gender roles of gay relationship is influenced by film and media is a little different from hetero-relationships. In the world now, “Approximately one in 100 American women and two in 100 American men identify as homosexual, with another four percent of Americans identifying as bisexual”(Statista) and it is still a big thing to be in a gay couple. So there is limited films of homo-relationships, but a show “Modern Family” shows a gay couple which gets married and helped shape the new world of homo-relationships. Film and media is helping by showing awareness and showing the type of roles both gender plays. According to nowadays media and films, being gay is not bad after all and both gender have to take responsibility of the opposing gender. Even though being gay is starting to get normal however gay people still have to hide who they really are. Due to films and media , not fully portraying or promoting gay relationships like straight relationship, many are not open to seeing new gender roles being switched. “The LGBT community is routinely persecuted in Muslim-majority Malaysia, where sodomy is a crime and the Government sanctions campaigns seeking to curb homosexuality and transgenderism,”(Abc News) which tries to get awareness out by films and media about how they are affected and treated.

However, film and media is also stating how gay couples should live. STRAIGHT. In conclusion,film, and media is heavily influencing relationships on a day-to-day basis. Many relationship roles are based of what society portrays in movies and media, not by one actual feelings. Film and media greatly influences each roles on what to buy, spend, or even how to love the other spouse.Media and film do so much more than the naked eye can see. Media and film lets everyone know what’s approve and disapprove in society ,which tend to bring identical thinking. When relationships are looked at by the media view everyone basically wants the same thing but don’t know how to individually go about retrieving it. Everyone wants to be successful in whichever type of relationships. Everyone want to be the special one and meet the special one however with the path films and media is trying to brech from is going to take some time for people to believe the Hollywood idea of a perfect relationship is not necessarily true.

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