Homosexuality and Religious Beliefs

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Updated: Jun 05, 2021
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Homosexuality and Religious Beliefs essay

“In a free society, religious institutions need to maintain their autonomy, which includes having the freedom to define what their religious beliefs are. Based on our concept in the U.S. of the separation of church and state, no church can be forced to not discriminate or to perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. However, inasmuch as governmental agencies exist to provide services which benefit the general public, those agencies which have been given the authority to perform marriage ceremonies cannot pick and chose who shall receive the benefit of those services. Therefore, those agencies, such as City Hall, must perform marriage ceremonies for the LGBT community.

As to any religion’s claim that homosexuality is wrong violates every religion’s beliefs about kindness, understanding and sharing the glory of God. Such a belief is also contrary to science. Christianity and other religions treat the condition of homosexuality as if these individuals have a choice, as if anyone would deliberately choose to be that different from the majority of society. It’s idiotic.

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Homosexuals have no more control over their sexual orientation than those born with cerebral palsy have over the conditions of their illness. Leanne Payne, an author and theologian from Wisconsin, has done a lot of work with conversion from homosexuality to heterosexuality. I’ve met and heard the testimony of some of her successes, but I have no idea whether the successes from 20 years ago are still successes today.

Regardless of her work, what seems particular ignorant of Christianity is that homosexuality is not a choice; a person is born either biologically heterosexual or biologically homosexual; the Bible was written a few thousand years before mankind understood #1;though the Bible is the Word of God, who is all-knowing, it was written by men who are fallible and may have gotten this aspect incorrect; therefore, it seems that, given those facts, Christianity ought to be making a reasonable adjustment in its belief system. I’m not a theologian, but, based on what I know about Christianity, it’s hard to imagine how anyone can be a Christian and believe that God has turned His back on those who are born with a different sexual orientation or different gender identity.”

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