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American Revolutionary War Essays

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George Washington’s Farewell Address

Words: 1113 Pages: 4 5362

On September 19, 1796, a thirty two-page address which was handwritten by our fellow first president of the United States, George Washington, was published and printed in Philadelphia’s American Daily Advertiser. ( “”President George Washington’s Farewell Address,”” 2006) Here we are 222 years later, and students are still being educated on this historical document, and […]

Topics: Alexander Hamilton, American Revolutionary War, George Washington

Daughters of the American Revolution

Words: 626 Pages: 2 185774

“I do not believe that women are better than men. We have not wrecked railroads, nor corrupted legislature, nor done many unholy things that men have done; but then we must remember that we have not had the chance.” Now because of the 19th amendment, women will be able to take more chances involving political […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, Women Rights

American Revolution and Nathanael Greene

Words: 1000 Pages: 3 4033

Nathanael Greene – Nathanael Greene was a Patriot Major General who had extreme military potential from a young age. He was born into a very faithful and determind Quaker family in Rhode Island. Nathanael Greene’s family did not believe or agree with military goals. However he ended up choosing the milatary before his family’s beliefs. […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War

About Women in American Revolution

Words: 1455 Pages: 5 4447

In our well developed, better than ever society, we are still fighting for women’s rights and equality between genders. Waiting for a police officer or a neurologist to come, we are usually surprised when we see a woman approaching. While reading an article about the death toll in the Syrian Civil War, we easily assume […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, United States, War

American Revolution in United States History

Words: 790 Pages: 3 4726

A profound turning point in United States history between the period of 1754-1800 was the American Revolution. It elevated recognition of social inequality, which drove some people and groups to call for the abolition of slavery and greater political democracy in the new state and national governments. This war can be understood in the historical […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, James Madison, Slavery, Thomas Jefferson, United States
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The American Revolution and a Political and Social Partition

Words: 1143 Pages: 4 4261

It would be agreed that for the British Colonists, the year of 1763 was seen as a great watershed in American History. On that note, throughout the years of 1756-1763, was a time period of salutary neglect that lead to the French and Indian war, in which the British called it the Seven Years War. […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, Colonialism, United Kingdom, United States

George Washington: General, President, Hero

Words: 827 Pages: 3 4180

Who’s George Washington? General? President? Hero? Ever heard of him? Well George Washington is one of the most influential person in the French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, and early American history helping with the birth of the United States of America. Before the Revolutionary War and the French and Indian War George loved listening […]

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Conflicts, George Washington, Military

A War of the Thirteen Colonies against Great Britain

Words: 427 Pages: 1 4559

Parliament’s passage of the Intolerable Acts in 1774 intensified the conflict between the colonies and Great Britain. Americans came to the conclusion that the only solution to their dilemma with the British government was to sever all ties with it. The American Revolution was the radical breakthrough in which the thirteen colonies fought a war […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War

An Eventful Time in American History

Words: 1245 Pages: 4 4328

An eventful time in American History, full of pride, bloodshed, self-realization, and building of an independent nation. A nation was fought for and built, created things, the very things that make America the great country it is today. A rebellion would change the world, in a matter of nearly a decade of unrest and hostility. […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, George Washington

How the American Revolution had Influenced on France

Words: 1950 Pages: 7 4197

The American Revolution had surfaced from the adversary between the British and the American colonists in the New World who were fighting desperately for their independence. The French and Indian War contributed greatly to this fight for independence, as the cost of the war was abundant and prompted the British to initiate harsh taxes on […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, International Relations

Triumph and Tragedy in History the American Revolution

Words: 612 Pages: 2 4256

Before the outbreak the American and british had problems.The british government taxed the colonist a lot of money on tea,paper goods,glass,etc.This was known as the Stamp Act of 1765,Townshend act of 1767 and the Tea Act of 1773. Violence didn’t start happening until british soldiers fired openly on a group of american colonist.This attack was […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, Conflicts

MYP Individuals in Society

Words: 939 Pages: 3 4195

The American Revolution was a war that took place between 1775-1783. During this period of time, the British and the 13 colonies fought. Many soldiers and militiamen died either because of diseases, lack of supplies, natural disasters, or battles. The battle of Lexington and Concord was the battle that started the American Revolution. It all […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War

History of Boston Tea Party

Words: 388 Pages: 1 3976

For nearly a decade, the city of Boston has been without a Tea Party museum, a piece of history that defines the Boston Harbor and its place in the American Revolution. After many setbacks, construction is finally set to begin on a new, more comprehensive and interactive museum on the Fort Point Channel that will […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, Boston Tea Party, Museum, United States

The History of the United States of America

Words: 1569 Pages: 5 4081

The history of the United States of America began a mere four hundred years ago and has been one of the most prestigious and respectable countries to ever exist. It began with hundreds of eager pilgrims and adventurist who wanted to leave their homes in England and start new lives in the North American continent. […]

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Boston Tea Party, Louisiana Purchase, United States

The American Revolution and the United States of America

Words: 1605 Pages: 5 4225

The American Revolution was the true beginning of the United States of America. The colonists fought the British long and hard for seven years and gained their independence. Many people doubted the colonists, but they persevered and defeated one of the greatest armies in the world. This allowed the colonists to build a nation based […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, United States

The Major Trigger for the American Revolution

Words: 856 Pages: 3 4743

The French-Indian War was the major trigger for the American Revolution for independence also referred to as the Seven Years War’, the conflict was between France and Great Britain with both countries believing they were the inhibitors of Ohio River Valley. Subsequent to the seven years of disputes and fights over the ownership, Britain won […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, France, George Washington, United States, War

American Revolution: Series of Crisis

Words: 317 Pages: 1 5254

American Revolution was brought about by a series of crisis between the British colonizers and the Americans. The crisis was caused by various acts made by the colonizers to get taxes from the colonies. This was after the British government was involved in a war between French and Indians which took seven years. The war […]

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, United States

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