United States History to 1877

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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When slavery was just begun, the United States were known has the colonies of the New World. Then slavery had been stay for a very long time, they were forced to come to the United States around the late 17th century. However, at the beginning, African Americans arrived in the year of 1619 in the New World right off the coast of Jamestown. From then on, any rights or freedoms had given to the slave began to diminish.

Slavery – it meant the power to own over one person by controlling them, also mean that the slave was not treated like a person but more like a legal property.

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Moreover, the slave had to work no matter what happen even constantly in harsh conditions, and it was all in their owner who decided everything for their life. Slavery was not common only in United States but slavery was also commonplace throughout the East like in China and the Indian sub-continent. Although there were so many different races of slaves and servants in the Untiled States but African Americans were the most discriminated against than many other. However, black slaves were the most choice out of other many slaveholders because they provided is the cheapest and work hardest.

On the other hand, some sources assumed that the economics of the United States was the reason which caused slavery. Slavery was an extremely diverse economic institution; one that extrapolated unpaid labor out of people in a variety of settings from small single crop farms and plantations to urban universities. (Berry). Because of the demand of the labor to work for landlord’s need, it made the increasing of workers who were African American. To be sold down the river was one of the most dreaded prospects of the enslaved population. Some destinations, particularly the Louisiana sugar plantations, had especially grim reputations. But it was the destruction of family that made the domestic slave trade so terrifying. (Mintz). The decreasing of Whites population happened with a demand for a labor force; therefore that situation made settlers assumed that African American slaves were the most effective way to obtain a labor obligation. By that way, need of landlords would be satisfied. Slavery was an extremely diverse economic institution; one that extrapolated unpaid labor out of people in a variety of settings from small single crop farms and plantations to urban universities. This diversity is also reflected in their prices. Enslaved people understood they were treated as commodities. (Berry)

Before the year of 1680’s, the labor’s engagement was one of the major sources of labor in the development of possessions. However, that fact did not stay long as people expected, after the 1680’s, the population of the labor’s engagement seriously decreased. Their values decreased on a quarter scales from three-fourths hands to one-fourth hands, to a rate of zero, which was typically reserved for elderly or differently abled bond people. (Berry). People were looking for the reason of the decreasing and they finally found out why. First of all, the slave was inspired by their temporary masters to find a better job which could make them more independent of landlords; therefore they did not have to follow the cruelty’s directions. Moreover, lot of African American died because of working in tough environment. Here we are looking at if the American slave trade, the process by which people were acquired and sold into slavery, resulted in the death of 5 million people or more. (Greenberg). Secondly, the immigration of labor decreased because people were informed that the harsh condition and not being treated well in the colonies. The labor from the country where was easy to find had changed their thinking about going oversea to be a slave because they feared of being controlled under the management of landlord. Therefore, the demand of labor was more and more increasing at rapidly became a very important need for landlords at that time. Even though they needed labor, but they did not or they did not even want to treat well with their labor. African American “ who used to be slave for most of their life time had spent lot of different harsh condition in slavery time. Even their child, they did not have chance to live in the world or they died after one year was born because of lacking standard living. Half of all their babies died in the first year of life. That was twice the rate for white babies. Stanford Medical School cites the statistic that in 1850, the life expectancy of slaves was four years less than for whites. (Greeenberg).

Last but not least, Blacks has been suffering slavery in this country more than two “ third of their lives which mean slavery was a very long time ago, not only happen at 1800’s. People valued enslave people at every step of their lives from the time they were born until they died. African-Americans have been free in this country for less time than they were enslaved. Do the math: Blacks have been free for 149 years which means that most Americans are two to three generations removed from slavery. However, former slaveholding families have built their legacies on the institution and generated wealth that African-Americans have not been privy to because enslaved labor was forced; segregation maintained wealth disparities; and overt and covert discrimination limited African-American recovery efforts. (Greenberg)

In conclusion, people now are happy because of slavery finally end. The lesson is people step on each other to climb up and reach to their greedy, so they are willing to do everything in order to make they feel comfortable. If one people do bad things and get rich or bring them lot of benefits, others will follow that way no matter what. Therefore, people need to consider carefully before they act to avoid making risk on others. Nobody wants to live in slavery time again.


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