How Yellow Journalism Resulted to the Spanish-American War

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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How Yellow Journalism Resulted to the Spanish-American War

This essay will examine the role of yellow journalism in escalating tensions leading to the Spanish-American War. It will discuss how sensationalized and biased reporting influenced public opinion and policy decisions. The piece will analyze the impact of media on national sentiment and the implications for responsible journalism. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Journalism.

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How yellow journalism resulted to the Spanish-American war. The yellow journalism was started by Joseph Pulitzer in 1896 with a carton of yellow kid and sold many paper. It was characterized with emotional words, dramatic sympathy, false information and misleading headlines which had huge print to attract the attention of people. I had a lot of drawing, pictures and images.

Now William Hearst the owner of New York stole the writers from Pulitzer to complete the yellow journalism (Wilkerson, 1932). It is true that yellow journalism newspapers written by Pulitzer and Hearst have played a great role to start the war between Spanish and American in Cuba.

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The yellow journalism induced the war by circulating sensational, false news about the war and conflicts. The Hearst and Pulitzer in their newspapers journal and world really exaggerated the news and mainly used images and pictures and their headlines were huge to capture the attention of the readers.

The yellow journalism contained many cartons which made it look attractive to the people. Yellow journalism was popular and it was cheap in such a way many people could access it. Hearst in his publication of the New York journal which was yellow journalism spread the rumors about Weyler’s deeds with a lot of images and pictures which were exaggerated from Cuba (Campbell, 2001).

At this time Hearst wanted to grow popular after he stole the writers from Pulitzers and he was boastful. Hearst filled his newspapers with the images and pictures of war. His journal had huge images and headlines and the cost of the magazine was very low. The news about the war it made the American rise anger. Some of exaggerated news that American woman was searched by security police man in Cuba.

This made the American become very bitter because women should be searched by police women. Most of the yellow journalism Hearst wrote just exaggerated actions of Weyler and were false. At the point where the Weyler could not control the Cuba, it lost hope with the Spanish because it becomes very hard for them to quiet the yellow journalism (Campbell, 2001). Due to the exaggeration and the false messages which were on headlines on yellow journalism made it Spaniards to have worries and this gave them power to riot in Cuba which was the start of Spanish- American war.

The Spaniards was in fear that their property will be destroyed if at all Cuba gets independence.At this point the yellow newspapers were in circulations Hearst used huge headlines and a lot of pictures and due to low cost of the newspaper many people were able to access it and this made Hearst to grow rapidly. This journal produced stories which are exciting and sensational and these stories were false.

Now Hearst could use the yellow journalism to spread the cartons of which exaggerated and shown brutal and inhuman behavior in Cuba and this expressed them as monsters which were not true at all. Hearst shown in his journal image of beautiful girl being pushed by Spanish monster and this made American to get angry with Spain. But all was incite and exaggerations from Hearst to market his journal at Cuba. Due to these newspapers which were being spread it aroused the emotions of war and at that time Hearst was very happy. Hearst continued to publish sensational and interesting stories in the yellow journalism (Wilkerson, 1932).

All the work of the yellow journalism was to become popular by spreading images, cartons, pictures with very huge headlines which made it to be comic. The spread of false information which is exaggerated made the American start the fight because they believed that their people were being mistreated in Cuba by Spaniards which was false information. Due to boastful of Hearst to gain market and become popular in his journal lead to war between Spain and American and this is the first war caused by media termed as journal’s war. This war made Hearst to grow in power and at long last ran become a leader. Until 1930 Hearst was still in market and his articles of yellow journal were still being processed. But after this time he started collapsing (Kobre, 1964).

In conclusion is true that yellow journalism played a very great role to cause the war between Spain and American. Hearst displayed and spread false information about what the Spaniards were doing to the people of American. Due to his boastful and wanted to get attention from many people it raised the anger and emotions of American and they started the war.

The information which was being exaggerated was very emotional and sensational even though was false. This war could not have taken place if we’re not for the yellow journalism. Hearst played the central role to bring the conflict between these two states. Therefore, American sought for war in order to defend the way they thought their people was being treated by Spaniards in Cuba. But this was false and exaggerated information caused by boastful Hearst.


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