The Development of America and the Impact of Slavery

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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In the time that Slavery was happening before the years of the Civil War era, America had continued to develop into their own independent country from the British. Even though many factors had been involved in the growth of America, Slavery had a major role in the development of America itself. The pronounced economy, idea of liberty, and culture would develop as slavery took place in the new land. Lonnie Bunch III, director of the Smithsonian quotes, African Americans helped force America to live up to its state ideals.

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This nation’s sense of citizenship, its notion of liberty, its understanding of justice for all owes a debt to the African American; these are the people who believed in the promise of America, and who, by their struggles, helped make that promise more accessible to all.

Economic status in America would grow significantly as America enslaved African slaves, which would transform the economy numerically. This will be important in how the workforce in America will change as the Atlantic slave trade develops and brings in profits from all around the Atlantic Ocean. The idea of labor in America would be developed with the perspective of human labor being an efficient way to gain profits. (Tomek, 2015) Not only would profits only grow from the new land, but it would be grown throughout the Atlantic trading system. Profits would not only be seen, but they would be increased, especially from farmers who owned slaves. This would grow as the structure and labor-intensive work of slavery grew throughout the United States. (Tomek, 2015) The large plantations would provide more productivity through techniques and allow for management skills to be obtained. (Burnard, n.d.) Many slaves were put to multiple kinds of work throughout the farm lands, such as obtaining cotton or tobacco. These items were in high demand in other countries, therefore, these items were needed in high quantities quickly. Profitable materials such as cotton were obtained by slaves who were given difficult labor-intensive jobs, therefore providing the United States with an increase in profits, which provides more valued goods and involvement in the slave trade. The economic development was critical to the growth of the newly established colonies and allowed access to the material and imported goods in the Atlantic trading system. Therefore, slavery would provide the work to be able to come up with the profits that the colonies had wanted.

Slavery had created the idea of an ideal perspective of liberty among white colonists. Andrew Lannen quotes, White liberty could not be fully realized without the existence of black slavery. The work of white indentured servants and poor men had been compromised as African slaves were imported to not only perform intensive labor, but to eliminate the work that white settlers had to do. (Lannen, 2017) Lannen quotes from Patrick Talifer, a historical advocate for slavery, who argues that white servants were provided with the necessities and materials needed for decent living conditions, while slaves were provided with little or nothing at all. (Lannen, 2017) As the idea and work of white servants began to dissipate, the introduction of slavery would create a new outlet: an outlet to a new lifestyle within the colonies. The establishment of slavery had enabled significant change in what the work force was. Now that human labor was established, liberty among white servants would now be provided as the colonists enforced slavery. Liberty within the white colonies had now been defined by the status and conditions of slaves brought into America.

The cultural practices that African slaves would bring into the new world would create a new foundation of culture in America. For example, Brenda Tucker, the first African slave to be brought to America, would practice oral traditions, along with water rituals and chants regarding her ancestors. (Barnett, 2014) This would eventually develop into the significance and ideas of the beginnings of African slavery. Many cultural practices and traditions were established on slave plantations and would allow for religion to be acquired, depending on the owner and privacy they were permitted. The traditions and testimonies would not only shape historical, religious ideas, but would enhance the ideas of freedom and equality throughout America for the slaves brought to the new land. Not only would African cultures be brought and praised by African slaves, but the culture of the colonies would develop and change as well. Slavery was a large transition that would bring a new system of labor and a new set of ideals throughout America. Not only would slavery be profitable for colonists who could afford slaves, but it was a way of having the work done for profits. Therefore, the farm lands were soon changed to be involved in human labor throughout this massive addition into the Atlantic trade. The cultural impact that slaves would carry would help them in coping their intense work, while America had changed the culture to be based off of the money they made and the labor they bought.

African slaves that were brought to the United States had been forced into providing labor for the colonist, changing the workforce in America. Slavery would not only grow to be the new workforce but would change and develop new culture. Relationships and statuses with neighboring countries would be largely based on the slave trade, and the forced labor. The conflicting views of freedom among slaves within the white colony would continue to be debated as the colonies and population of slaves continued to grow and would embark conflicting interests. Even though America wouldn’t be officially an independent nation at the time slavery first took place, slavery would develop into a cultural possession in American society at the time slavery was introduced. Politics would also emerge as slavery did, which would define America’s debates, documents, and opinions regarding slavery. Slavery would become a major platform in the discussion among politics and rights within America.

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