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“#me too has sparked a big shift in attitudes towards harassment, new research shows”, by Rachel Thompson a Mashable article was published online on october 02, 2018 . this one paged article deals more specifically with a national issue. the Me Too movement (or #MeToo movement) also has many local and international alternatives, #MeToo is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. #MeToo spread virally in October 2017 as a hashtag(#) used on social media in an attempt to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace.The #MeToo movement has created a sea of change for victims of sexual harassment and assault. Now more than ever before, women are speaking up about their experiences, and perpetrators are being called upon to account for their actions.

Tarana Burke is a civil rights activist who was the original founder of the “Me Too” movement, which she started in 2006. Tarana Burke was born September 12, 1973 in The Bronx, NY. She is an African-American civil rights activist. She’s most well-known as the founder of the “Me Too” movement in 2006 which has blossomed into a worldwide campaign to raise awareness about sexual harassment, abuse, and assault in society. In 2017 Burke and other influential female activists were named “the silence breakers” by Time magazine. She currently serves at the Girls for Gender Equity in Brooklyn as its senior director.

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Another key figure is The Fawcett Society. The Fawcett Society is the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights. They’ve been advancing women’s equality since 1866 when at just 19, Millicent Fawcett collected signatures on a petition for women’s votes. She went on to lead the constitutional suffrage campaign and made this cause her lifetime’s work, securing equal voting rights 62 years later.

Today they continue her legacy of fighting sexism and gender inequality through hard-hitting campaigns and impactful research. They believe in a society where no one is prevented from reaching their full potential because of their gender. These people, movements, and organizations have brought about change in the way we view women and their rights.

Gave men a better understanding of women and their worth, this is shown in the “#me too has sparked a big shift in attitudes towards harassment, new research shows”, when it stated “ there’s been a “a significant shift in attitudes to sexual harassment.”according the study, 53 percent of people say that since the #MeToo,attitudes about what’s considered “acceptable” are different.” this illustrates that people opinions are changing and the world is moving more closer to gender equality. This is showing positive change in the way people view women and might even bring about a revolution of women rights which we already see happening around us in the world today. The article also showed “the researched also found that young men are more likely to challenge sexual harassment since the #metoo movement.” this illustrates that people are challenging the old customs and are pushing for change .

On thing to consider is that the world is not a perfect place and we don’t always get what we want, but if we want change we have to push for it. Look at the #MeToo movement for example people that it was time for a change when the saw they sexual harassment and the way women are being treated is a big problem, people saw it could be them , a friend or a loved one in the same situation and to a step towards change

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