Gladwell Outliers, Privilege Video, Intersectional Feminism

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Race, gender, and conversation are controversial issues among most American especially the Blacks. For instance, the “Safe Space to Brave Space” article calls for freedom of speech. Comparatively, chapter 3 of Gladwell presents a story about Christopher Langan which focuses on geniuses, children possessing innate genius yet racism, conversation issues and poverty caused Langan’s misery. This concept is therefore incongruent with the privilege video’s details where backgrounds tremendously influence people’s social and economic welfare. Safe Space to Brave Space article is a call to create a safe place in classes and other academic forums for the sake of social justice in education.

However, the Kimberl emphasizes that it is vital for people to be firm and courageous to fight for their rights and freedom without the fallacies that criticize their race, gender, and speech. Kimberl’s intersectional feminism interview confirm that her conversation was not hindered by her gender or race. Instead, she stands out to present the issues affecting women in general but the blacks, in particular, to ensure that equality is not a privilege to some but a right to all. All people have the desire for success regardless of their race, gender and a combination of both. Gladwell confirms that Langan’s success was more than the gifts of a child prodigy and does not focus on the gender of Langan.

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This is a confirmation that challenges and knowledge do not discriminate people based on their gender. Thus the innateness of intelligence has the tremendous influence to people’s success based on Lewis Terman’s experiment. Unfortunately, Gladwell confirms that the linkage between success and intelligence has influenced the American employment policies making it a privilege to some people. Secondly, the American children who are assumed to be gifted are given the opportunity to learn due to the notion that success and intelligence are integrated. In chapter 4, Gladwell acknowledges that poverty can hinder people success with the use of Langan’s story. Despite the fact that Langan was intelligent, his success was hindered by poverty and lack of funds.

As a result, the lack of formal education following the various administrative, bureaucratic and financial factors affected his life and career. Aron and Clemens present American universities as institutions that are increasingly becoming isolative. This is, therefore, a confirmation that some people are more privileged than others. Preference on the basis of race and gender is highly discouraged by Professor Kimber from Columbia University. According to her knowledge, intersectionality involves discrimination especially for women across all races. Intersectionality helps people to understand the effects of discrimination. A person’s background can influence their perceptions on life concepts such as fighting racism and sexual harassment in working areas.

Additionally, the professor encourages women to be courageous in fighting things affecting them without few. Women’s participation is often ignored regardless of their vital contributions. They are victims of police brutality but demonstrating against the vices against women such as killing can help to protect women from negative masculinity especially from police. The state stereotypes can hinder women in the society especially when black people are viewed as a threat to security. All lives matter including blacks who are vulnerable to various risks that were fought by civil rights movement that objects discrimination regardless of race.

However, it is vital for people to comply with Crenshaw’s professional advice and be strong in advocating for what they consider to be right regardless of their femininity and background. Speech is often restricted with an aim of availing ‘safe space’ for important discussions. Safe space facilitated the women’s liberation movements that took place in the 1960’s and other gay movements. Thus, safe space is perceived as a recipe for oppression. As a result, Brian and Clemens emphasize the need to migrate to brave spaces from safe spaces for the sake of equality and justice despite the fact that safe space may be difficult to end.

Privilege is a complex phenomenon that can be defined differently by various people in the society but it should not be determined by gender or race. The fear for public display of affection has affected youths due to the improper conversation which can help them to express their issues. Clothing issues, physical and mental illnesses, bulling, time off for religious holidays, supportive families, medication, sexuality, education loans, books, safety for gay people, and racial background are the basic ingredients that can be used to evaluate the level of privilege among people based on the privilege walk video and Langan’s case enabled people to understand their social privileges in comparison with colleagues. All this confirms that Gladwell Outliers, Privilege Video, Intersectional Feminism video and safe space to the Brave space article have great connectedness in addressing matters of racism, gender, and conversations.

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