Gender Hierarchy of Power

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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There has been gender discrimination over the years in our societies by power. Most of the society has been structured in such a way the culture value one gender more than the other, and this is what has led to gender discrimination.

In many societies, the gender hierarchy has brought unequal opportunities in power, and this has discriminated the female gender leading to the feminism in our societies. According to the Bechdel movies, it has explained the gender hierarchy in our communities which favors one gender which is the male gender than the female gender.

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The social classes which have set traditionally and according to cultures have led to the female subordination, and the masculinity has been the major dominance in our societies. Over the past centuries, the men have dominated and been in power in our societies. In many states before the female revolution, female have been subordinated and discriminated in such a way that they are not given any position to lead.

Many cultures and traditional hierarchy of leadership have recognized men as leaders both in the family set up and in the community set up. This has left the women in the dark and have not been able to get the opportunity to lead, and they have been taken has that their work is done the home chores and be obedient to their husband. Therefore, the way the society has been structured it has been very difficult for the women to get the opportunity to lead.

Female gender has been diminished in the society, and it has taken has it should not be given the opportunity to lead. Up to 19 century before the female revolution male power has dominated the society and the males were the one who gave the authority over the female. Even in some communities female had in mind that men are the one who is supposed to lead them. Females understood that should do the domestic work as it was restricted by the cultures and the traditional set up of leadership. Men were given more opportunities for studies as compared to the women and women were know that their work was just get married and bear children. Therefore, they were not given opportunities for the further studies and advance in the knowledge.

The cultural components have been much involved in the gender hierarchy. In many cases even in the family set up the female gender has not been given a good opportunity to express their ideas and opinions but the society it expects them to obey what the men say. This as well has led to gender discrimination across the society as far as authority is concerned. In the cultural leadership, most of the leaders who were in power were the people who could lead people in war and set an as good example in the war, and this made it difficult for the women to believe that men were the only people who were capable of fighting and providing the security in the communities.

Traditional leadership valued men because they were very brave and courageous and due to that even in the current leadership many societies have been dominated by men who are in power. The fact being the female have been discriminated in the leadership regarding the social class where the men have been valued that is the one who should own the property and be in control over the properties. In the 19 century, the female revolution gave the female an opportunity to be valued as well as men and now could get opportunities to lead.

The hierarchy of power in many states has remained still men being in authority and dominated over the female gender. Currently due to the constitution and the legislative measures which protect the women such as the domestic violent and divorce acts then the male dominance is slowly being eroded. In Britain and many other countries there has been gender equity in the leadership, and due to the female revolution, the society in many parts of the world have made to understand that women should not be discriminated in the power hierarchy.

Even though it has been difficult for the people to give the women position in authority and this explains how the male has remained dominate in power. Some races and cultural set up still do not value women and discriminate them and value men as leaders. In a natural setting, the genders are the difference, and this has been influenced by the social constrictions which have valued male gender, and this explains who the men have remained in power and have dominated the society.

According to the Bechdel, the gender hierarchy is due to the social setting of race and classes which have elevated men authority. Therefore, men have dominated in the hierarchy of the power as compared to the women gender. This hierarchy in power it explains difference gender experiences in the social set up which have influenced this difference.

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