Hunger Games and in Real Life

The novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins presents themes that are real even in today’s society such as inequality. The themes make what would qualify for good writing research topic proposal.

This paper presents my writing research topic proposal based on the social issues presented in The Hunger Games. My general/broad topic focusses on inequality The subtopics directly related to the broad topic include income inequality between men and women in the United States, the effects of political inequality in the American judicial system, and the manifestation of inequality of membership in churches today.

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I would like to focus on income inequality between men and women in American society today. My choice of the subtopic is informed by the fact that even after many years of struggle for women rights, America still grapples with income inequality. An average woman in the U.S. earns less than a man with the same qualifications for the same job. Women have proved to excel in many fields of the economy, in some cases even outshining the men yet many of them still earn less than the men for the same job, having the same qualification and working the same number of hours.

The subtopic will work for me in writing my assignments since it’s one of the topics that remains at the center of a quest for equality between men and women in the U.S. The American society has done much regarding women empowerment yet the society still has not closed the gap on gender pay gap. The discourse community for the subtopic include women’s rights groups, the women facing income inequality and the labor rights organizations.

Also, the discourse community includes everyone around the world who believes in the equal right for both men and women.The subtopic is relevant to the discourse community as it brings to the forth the issue which some people may wish away, that is inequality in pay among men and women.

Secondly, today women have been empowered through things like education and have proved that they can do much just like men yet they still face gender pay gap. The subtopic is significant in today’s American society since men and women are equal and enjoy the same fundamental rights and that ought to be reflected through equal pay too. By working on the subtopic, I will strive to establish the level of income inequality between men and women in America today.

Also, I wish to find out why women are paid less than men for the same job that they have equal qualifications and which they do for the same number of hours. Finally, I would like to determine if there are any negative effects of gender pay gap on women.

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