The Hunger Games: Book Vs Movie

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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The Hunger Games is a movie series based around the female character Katniss. In the movie, people of the lower class districts are placed in a battle royale death match. Katniss can be viewed as a symbol of the strength and independence of a woman as opposed to the usual portrayal of a damsel in distress in media. She ends up being a part of The Hunger Games, a televised entertainment event. She deceives the viewers by having them believe she has romantic interests with another participant.

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Her goal is not romance, her only goal is to protect her family and she must to survive The Hunger Games in order to do so.

After her father dies, Katniss takes his role as the hunter and provider, leaving the area of the village she lives in for adventures in the woods. The first example of Katniss’s characteristics is when she volunteers in place of her young sister, Prim, who was selected as a participant in the upcoming Hunger Games. When her sister’s life was threatened, she stands out among the crowd as a brave woman who is willing to risk death to save her sister, unlike the many others in the crowd who would have rather let the young girl go to battle than go themselves. While an action like this is usually given to a male character to portray the stereotypical heroic and manly thing to do, she is driven by her seemingly maternal instincts to protect her sister.

Katniss’s primary goal in The Hunger Games is survival and she sets up an elaborate plan with another character and participant of The Hunger Games, Peeta. Katniss and Peeta pretend to be in love for the cameras, which spectate them during the event, in order to attract the attention of sponsors and to assure President Snow that their main interest is true love driven by their romantic interests, and not a rebellion. Their plan to trick people will result in them earning sponsors, which are offers to the participants in order to assist them in their survival. After their success in The Hunger Games, they begin wedding preparations which are an elaborate trick. This emphasizes Katniss’s rejection of the traditional narrative of a feminine romance. She does not want marriage or a happily ever after cliche ending. She is not that sort of feminine archetype. She is the hunter and provider for her family, so if she could, she would rather head for the woods and care for her sisters.

The Hunger Games occasionally puts Katniss in female roles with some regularity but it is done in order to emphasize those female roles artificiality, and it shows her discomfort with those roles. She wears a series of dresses, which in the film emphasize Katniss’s appearance. But Katniss does admire these dresses and a lot of that has to do with the fact that she has a bond of deep affection with the designer Cinna. She is wearing the dresses because she has to, not because she wants to. The reason she has to dress up is because she wants to win sponsors over to help her during the Hunger Games battle. She then wants to inspire a resistance against the capital, the upper class people who are responsible for having created and organized The Hunger Games as a televised event. The dresses she wears are a part of the performance she acts out. They serve a function as a kind of drag, rather than as an expression of her own gender identity or choices, because connecting to the main emphasis, Katniss is not a stereotypical female character. She instead replaces the position of a stereotypical male lead of a lot of movies and other media.

Peeta, on the other hand, is actually committed to the romance story. He really loves Katniss and expresses that directly. He seems to fill the role of a damsel in distress in the Hunger Games, which is usually reserved for the women. Katniss and others save Peeta multiple times from danger and near death throughout The Hunger Games. The stereotypical gender roles seem to be reversed in The Hunger Games. Some believe that Katniss should have embraced a feminine characteristic while maintaining the role as a leader, and they also believe that it is wrong that they still push for masculine characteristics in the lead character in the series, even if it is a woman.

The Hunger Games series is based on the “”kill or be killed excitement of a battle royale to the death. It celebrates Katniss for her heroics, leadership, and independence. The stereotypical masculine characteristics do seem to be present in Katniss throughout the battle as they encounter traumatic consequences of violence. However, The Hunger Games should instead be viewed as a strong female who is driven by her maternal instincts to protect and provide for her family and her own goals of leading a rebellion rather than a romance.

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