Giver and the Hunger Games

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What kind of similarities are there between the two books The Giver and The Hunger Games? Differences? What were the good qualities in both in the works? What were their flaws? Here, we will discuss all of that. The Giver is about an earth with a different ruling system. Here there’s a group of “elders” that makes decisions for they’re community. The elders and the community included don’t truly feel pain, can’t see color, don’t feel real emotions, just reactions.

They don’t make their own decisions as in what they’re careers are, or who their life-long partners are. They aren’t allowed to have romantic feelings for their partners nor anyone. It is their idea of protection. To try to not cause chaos. But they is someone who’s called The Giver that can experience what humans do now. The Hunger Games, The North American continent is the only continent left after Extreme weather damage to the Earth and even only some of that survived.

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The only country left is Panem, which came out of the ruins of The United States. There were once thirteen districts in the country but during a rebellion against the Capital, they overpowered the Capital. The Capital surrendered and said that they could be independent as long as District 13 would go underground and make it look like the Capital won to teach a lesson to the other districts to hopefully not start another rebellion. Now, let’s discuss.

What Similarities were there between these two works of literature? For one, they are both far into the future. Both of the settings of the stories take place after harmful wars and global warming. They’re countries change because of wars and damage to the environment. They both have unjust and unfair ruling systems. There are heroes who stop and save the people being harmed. The Hero in The Hunger Games is Katniss Everdeen. She lives in district 12.

She was chosen to play a part in the yearly festivity, The Hunger Games. It was created to keep fear into the districts, to suppress the population. She has to fight to keep the boy she loves from her district that’s also in the Hunger Games alive. They both won and survived the Hunger Games even though that was against the rules. The hero in the Giver is Jonas. He is mostly the same as the other 12 year olds but can see something no one else can.

And he’s not sure what that is but he sees the color red. The Giver at that time see that he’s different and he’s assigns Jonas to be the next Giver. The Giver can see the past and experience what Humans could from the past. He saves a baby from being killed and runs away from his community. He almost dies in the process. They both almost die and constantly have to break the law to save people they love.

What were the Good qualities in both of these works of Literature? They both are well structured. They both have great stories and very descriptive settings. Both write such descriptive and detailed human qualities and feelings to truly show their characters feelings and almost makes it seem like you’re watching a movie instead of reading a book. Both are written in such a way that it makes you want to converse about what your reading. They both seem like realistic futures our world can have and has a realistic moral to it that is told through figurative writing.

Now, what differences are there between these two books? For starters, the ruler ship over the common characters between these two books. The President ruling all of Panem in The Hunger Games is President Snow. President Snow was a Tyrannical leader. He’s the main antagonist in The Entire series. The Elders in The Giver aren’t exactly unfair themselves but do inforce the laws. In The Giver, everyone is properly fed and get jobs and lives that suit them better.

They also do somewhat enjoy their lives. In The Hunger Games, they are barely are fed or given special treatment if needing Financial help. In fact, they serve for the greater good of the Capital. They don’t the enjoy life that the Capital gives them but tries to make the most out of it. They work hard for little pay or little anything. Also, in The Giver, there is no hierarchy. In the Hunger Games, there mostly certainly is. There is the President, His officials, The Richest Merchants, The Capitals citizens, then the 1st and 2nd district, and then all the rest of the districts.

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