Suicide in the U.S

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Updated: Nov 15, 2019
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Suicide is the 8th leading causes of death in the U.S. Some causes of suicide are stress, sometimes a childhood problem. While there are many causes of suicide, there are also risk factors for suicide and people wonder if social media has something to do what suicide, but there are ways to prevent all of this. Bullying is one of the leading causes of suicide but there are alot more than just bullying that causes suicide. There are 4,400 suicide deaths because of bullying. Bullying is a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. There are different kinds of bullying, but cyberbullying is the most well known. Cyberbullying is the act of harassing someone online by sending post mean messages, usually anonymously. Bully victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide than non-victims of bullying. According to studies nearly 30% of kids are bullied or have been bully victims. Another cause of suicide is depressing.

Depression is an illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts. About 15% of people that have commited suicide said that cause was because of depressing. Other cause of suicide is like a break between you and your girlfriend. It’s hard for some people to break away from someone they loved and they get sad and don’t know to do, so the only thing they can think of is commited suicide. Some people also wanna commit suicide because of their school grades because they are so stressed and have no clue what to do. Another reason kids commit suicide is having a bad environment around them. A big cause that a lot of Teens are drugs. Kids usually abuse drugs when a family issue comes up and could lead to suicide. Something you never thought would be a cause of suicide are some Genetic components. These often occurs in family with a history of mental disorders. Low levels of the chemicals may lead to impulsive behavior including suicide. There are many different ways to prevent suicide from happening. There are three different steps to prevent suicide. One pay attention to the risk factors of suicide is this want you want,and find if your family has any history of suicide. Two,listen to warnings from your friend, parents, or teachers.Some verbal warnings are like the phrase “ I have nothing to live for”. Another warning is if you feel like you are a burden on people like the phrase “everyone is better off without me”. The last step is notice your emotions see if you act or lose interest in some of your hobbies.

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Another way is motivate them get there suicidal thoughts off their mind do something fun with them. You have to tell them the truth you have to let them know that they aren’t alone. On Sept. 10 it is world suicide prevention day. People with suicidal thoughts will really appreciate this day because so many people are trying to prevent suicide. The way to solve your problem with your coulier is to first address your issue or what is causing you to have suicidal thoughts. Then keep talking with them and ask for suggestions on what to do. Another way to prevent it is to talk with your parents which not too many kids do because the issue may involve their parents. Another method is to talk with your friends about it because they are the ones that care about you. They also have programs were you can go to get help with your suicidal thoughts. Studies have shown that the programs is the most efficient. The Risks Factors of suicide aren’t pleasant but you should know what they are to be prepared. Some risk factor are previous suicide attempts. Another one is a history of substance or drug abuse.

A recent death in your family is a big risk factor especially if it was someone close to you.Exposure to bullying is a risk that is very common between Teens among theses days . Relationship problems like a hard break up is a risk factor that could lead to suicide. Losing a friend or family member to suicide could lead to another suicide. Mental health conditions like bipolar and depression. Bipolar is a mental health conditions where one minute you could be happy and then the next angry. Depression is a mood disorder that cause you to have sadness all the time. Does media play a part in suicide? I think Media can prevent and cause suicide. The way it cause is mostly by cyberbullying and stuff people post about other people. Video games like GTA 5 is a big role into suicide because they are different ways of suicide on it and it just takes that one kid to try those things. But There are ways that it can prevent suicide like some songs like there’s a song by logic where it’s about suicide and the struggle.Some of this social media moviates some of these kids that want to commit suicide.(Twenge)

An abusive childhood may lead to a higher chance of suicide than a normal good childhood.repeated abusive gives a higher chance of suicide than anything else. 60% of adults report with abuse. 26% of kid will experience a traumatic event. 2% of kids experience sexual assault. People who have experience a trauma event are 15 times more likely to commit suicide than kids that haven’t experienced a trauma event. Kids with a good/rich childrenhood are most likely not commit suicide as those with a poor/bad childhood because they are gonna be more happy and not worry about suicidal thoughts and they get what they want. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be abused. The kids with like a poor childhood are most likely to not get any attention and therefor feel lonely and have no option but one and that is suicide. Teen suicide is on the rise and could cause our birth death rate to go higher for deaths. There are 4400 suicides per year because of bullying.It is still the leading cause of suicide. Mental Health disorders are also a big issue for teen suicide. I think america should do something really fast or it’s just gonna get worse. People have found out that media, bullying depression, and childhood, and risk factor for suicide. 

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