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Should College Athletes Be Paid Essays

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Time to Pay College Athletes

Words: 1045 Pages: 3 11592

There has been a running debate over the past couple of years on whether college athletes should be paid or not. There are a lot of points to think about when considering if they should be paid. These college athletes play for a league called the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or the NCAA for short. […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid, Student Athlete

College Athletes should not be Paid

Words: 947 Pages: 3 7723

Many college athletes help their school receive revenue, but that doesn’t mean these athletes should get a percentage because of their contributions. ESPN wants us to view college athletes as if they are in training for a job or working for an unpaid internship (Hadaway). If college athletes were paid, college sports would be abolished […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid

Why College Athletes should not be Paid?

Words: 847 Pages: 3 11933

The average FBS scholarship is worth $36,070, and that’s just the cost of tuition and boarding. College Football players that are on scholarship are receiving a free education, along with free meals and boarding. Jeffrey Dorman, a economics professor at the University of Georgia, wrote in Forbes magazine that a college football scholarship is worth […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid

Colleges Athletes should be Paid?

Words: 2600 Pages: 9 18177

In most Universities, athletes are a big source of income to the institution and making the millions of dollars they do from these athletes; You would think they would be paid. College athletes dedicate their lives to their school and sport, they put lots of stress on their bodies both physically and mentally, through the […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid, Student Athlete

Why College Athletes should be Paid (treated as Employees)

Words: 1170 Pages: 4 8485

Introduction (Show News Headlines: Injury, Athletes career over) Stanley Doughty, of the South Carolina Gamecocks, was considered one of the top defensive linemen to ever play in college football. That is, before he suffered a career ending spinal injury in his final season. After a helmet to helmet collision in a 2004 practice game, the […]

Topics: College, Employment, Should College Athletes Be Paid
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An Opposition to Paying Student Athletes

Words: 2255 Pages: 8 4359

Introduction Intercollegiate athletics have grown popular among Americans over the last few decades. It has caused an increase in revenue for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Despite the rise of revenue, the NCAA prohibits athletes playing sports on the collegiate level from receiving any compensation from sports agents, merchandizers, advertisements, agencies and other non-school […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid

College Student Athletes and Paying in College

Words: 869 Pages: 3 5525

As a regular college student, we already face the stress of classes and organizations and trying to manage our social lives. That alone causes us anxiety and sometimes depression. Now imagine having to face long days of excruciating training, a strict diet , managing classes and still having to stay up to finish essays due […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid

National College Athletic Association Athletes and Compensation

Words: 1936 Pages: 6 4451

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (The NCAA) is a multi billion dollar organization that was founded in 1910. The NCAA makes billions of dollars annually off of student athletes that receive no compensation for their hard work. One of the biggest sources of revenue for the NCAA is March Madness; the college basketball championship tournament. […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid, Student Athlete

Compensation of College Athletes

Words: 1459 Pages: 5 5201

The grand debate of whether to pay college athletes or not is ongoing; however, there are so many amenities that are provided to college athletes that they are paid through those. The whole debate can hinge on one thing and that is amateurism; people should not receive any material award when participating in a sport. […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid, Student Athlete

About Paying College Athletes

Words: 1743 Pages: 6 5442

Paying college athletes for years has been a hot topic among the sports’ arena. Young men and women for years have worked hard to achieve their goal of becoming a full or even partial scholarship athlete on the college level. Training for some starts as early as three years old and they continue through recreation […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid, Student Athlete

Is there an Ethical Dilemma with Athletes being Paid to Go to College?

Words: 2368 Pages: 8 8077

College athletes receive money from revenue streams created through scholarship money, but I guess we need to wonder is it enough for what they need. The NCAA has explicit rules that prevent players from accepting bribes or incentives to play different sports and any payment made to the players has been viewed as a moral […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid

College Athletes Continuing Education while Relinquishing Pay

Words: 1730 Pages: 6 4283

Imagine having an occupation that involves entertaining a crowd for about forty minutes with slight breaks in between. Sounds easy right? Let’s add a constant switch between sprinting and light jogging back and forth on a 94 foot long by 50 foot wide rectangle. Place a ball in your hand, and now you must figure […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid, Student Athlete

Scholarships for College Athletes

Words: 690 Pages: 2 5259

College athletes have enough to worry about without having to hold a job. When you are recruited from high school to go play college ball you are among the 2% of students selected, which is a very small percentage. That means there are not very many high school athletes talented enough to play in college […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid

Student Athletes’ Money in Addition to their Scholarships

Words: 855 Pages: 3 5023

Did you know that the NCAA made more than 1 Billion dollars profit in 2017 from basketball coverage, while many of the players struggled to pay for food when playing away from home? According to NCAA rules, college athletes cannot be paid to play their sport beyond the educational scholarship. Most scholarships cover their education […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid, Student Athlete

A Worth of the Athletes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association

Words: 1571 Pages: 5 4057

The athletes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) are worth a lot more than many people think. They are without a doubt probably the most diligent individuals on the planet. In addition to the fact that they are carrying on with the life of a normal student, they have an enormous workload with their […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid, Student Athlete

Problem with Paying College Athletes

Words: 1343 Pages: 4 4634

There are over 460,000 student-athletes that compete within the NCAA across the United States. Of those 460,000 participants, not one of them received compensation for the money they grossed through various events and games the student-athletes participated in. As of right now, it is actually illegal to pay college athletes through the NCAA. This generates […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid, Student Athlete

College Athletics is a Billion Dollar Industry

Words: 695 Pages: 2 4830

College athletics is a billion dollar industry and has been for a long time. Collegiate level sports are a big phenomenon in the U.S. which is controlled and regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The NCAA is considered a non-profit organization who is also in charge of organizing athletic programs for colleges and […]

Topics: Employment, Should College Athletes Be Paid

Money Making College Athletes

Words: 1718 Pages: 6 4011

10,800,000,000. Ten point eight billion dollars. I had to write it both ways because I had trouble reading that number out loud, and you probably will too. Think about the amount of zeros in that number. With that amount of money you can buy buy 74 Bugatti hyper-cars, stay 5,731 nights in the United States […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid, Student Athlete

College Athletes’ Payment

Words: 1944 Pages: 6 4971

Should College Athletes be Paid? The argument of college athletes getting paid goes back many decades. High school prospects dream of the day that they are recruited and given a big time scholarship. But, would college athletes work harder if they were paid for their performance on the field, track, or court? Furthermore, college athletes […]

Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid

Should College Athletes Be Paid?
Although there’s big money involved in college sports, very few people outside this environment know that student-athletes are not paid for their efforts. Whether college athletes should be paid is, in fact, a matter of intense debate between students, college administrations, and even private companies. Are you looking to learn more about this topic? Read our essay examples, where we outline various arguments to help you define your position.
In the beginning, it’s important to note that college students have often expressed the desire to receive financial compensation for their work. However, other people involved in the games believe that college athletes should not be paid because they are supposed to focus on their passion, and financial incentives will ruin the purity of the game. Since now there is no monetary compensation, athletes are motivated only by their enthusiasm and energy. These reasons seem unconvincing considering that private companies make a profit off the popularity of college athletes by asking them to wear promotional apparel without paying them, with the NCAA taking no responsibility.
The best way to understand the depth of this issue is to read a research paper or an essay on why college athletes should be paid and vice versa. On the one hand, a persuasive essay can show how students who play sports risk exposing their bodies to permanent damage, spent a lot of effort to support their passion, and take away time from their educational pursuits to focus on the game, and yet they are not rewarded accordingly for all the love they put into the games. On the other hand, an argumentative essay can demonstrate that adding a financial stake could negatively affect college sports. See our examples for an in-depth analysis

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