Education Science

At this point in time, I feel the need to transfer to a more reputable institution. Currently, I am studying in a community college and I would like to transfer to a 4-year course University. My preferable institution is the University of California.

I have selected different majors in the various campuses of UC spread across the United States. The majors that I have applied for include Education Science at UCI, Sociology at UC, Davis, Sociology Law and Society at UCSD, and Media Studies at UC, Berkeley.

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I have a particular interest in the Education Science major at UCI. The major in Education Science would give me the necessary skills I need for success in my prospecting career of an educator. The institution breaks down the major into four domains including, Human development, learning, and cognition, societal and policy contexts affecting education, media and communication systems for learning, and educational research and evaluation (Major in Education Science, n.d.).

These domains capture all the skills needed to be a reputable educator in aspects of research and instructing. However, the component that attracted me to choose Education Science especially at UCI, is the fact that a major has the option of undertaking a maximum of two specializations. The college community I am currently studying in does not give room for this provision.

Interestingly, the other majors selected are constituents of the Education Science major as shown in the domains that form the basis of the course. Therefore, I believe that if I do not gain admission for the Education Science major at UCI, the other campuses and majors will provide almost matching skills that align with my career goals. I hereby place my submission for a request for transferring to your institution as a fundamental step towards a successful future career.

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Major in Education Science. (n.d.). Retrieved from UCI School of Education:

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