Promoter Hypermethylation of Apoptotic Genes in OSCC

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Cancer is one of those diseases whose treatment requires more rapid and potent response and epigenetic modifications have emerged into one amongst the cancer hallmarks, commutating the concept of malignant pathologies as being singlely genetic-based conditions. Oral Cancer is the type of malignancy that founds in any area of mouth and nearby regions. The epigenetic landscape is accountable for traditional development however additionally for the non-uniformity among tissues in terms of gene expression patterns. Dysregulation in these mechanisms has been related to illness stage, and raised attention is currently granted to cancer so as to require advantage of those modifications in terms of novel therapeutic methods or diagnosis/prognosis tools. Epigenetics has revealed a diagnostic tool that is tumour markers which is also known as biomarkers. These biomarkers are either methylated at their CpG islands called as DNA hypermethylation or another modification could be possibly observed that would help us to identify the neoplasm for its medication because it is usually symptomless at its beginning stages. This review is providing a precise knowledge on different genes that have been found as a biomarker for diagnosing the OSCC and how they are related to epigenetic. This can hold an immense importance in the treatment of cancer and could help in discovering novel therapeutics ways in its treatment.


Cancer stands among the foremost advanced human diseases with multiple levels of regulation. Despite the numerous progress that has been created in basic and clinical analysis, the incidence associated mortality rates related to malignant pathologies are still at high levels with an expected raised rate within the next fifteen years [Irimie A I]. The sixth most typical malignancy that has been found is Head and Neck cancer, wherever carcinoma represents the foremost frequent subtype inside this spectrum [Irimie A I, Hema, K.N]. Also, Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) accounts for roughly ninetieth of the oral subtype, being far and away the foremost common sort of malignancy inside the mouth [Parkin, D.M, Stewart, B.W]. Apoptosis is that one pathway that could lead the elimination of oncogenic cells. Apoptosis can be explained as a process in which natural death of cells is initiated to maintain the cellular homeostasis. A variety of changes are done in the structure of cells by apoptotic proteins that eliminate the cell out of body.

In this mechanism events occurs which result into formation of cascades that encounters the already anteceding cells leading them to demise, also known as “programmed cell death” [Elmore S(2007), Hervouet E]. The initiation and maturation of oral carcinoma caused by total of genetic changes combined with environmental risk factors (special mention to alcohol and tobacco use however various viral infectious agents and persistent inflammations) that within the finish cause changes within the pursuit of cancer causing genes i.e., oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes [Perez-Sayans (2009), Irimie, A.I (2016)]. The extent of complexness behind the unusal expression and performance of these genes is extraordinarily high, wherever epigenetic mechanisms are standing as another section of regulation besides the particular changes within the DNA sequence, that embrace mutations, deletions, and amplifications [Lingen, M.W (2011)]. But it has been observed that this mechanism suffers with problems or gets defected in various human diseases such as in cancer. As cancer is one of the major concerns of today’s world and it has been observed that the uncontrolled growth of cells resulting tumour escapes the apoptosis process. The various genes that plays role in apoptosis are silenced by a process named DNA methylation. There are also various other epigenetic modifications that have their crucial role in oral cancer such as DNA methylation, histone modification and many other.

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