MY DREAM JOB is be a Psychologist

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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MY DREAM JOB is be a Psychologist

Discuss the aspirations and motivations behind choosing psychology as a dream job. The essay will cover what draws individuals to this field, the impact they hope to make, and the personal and professional qualities that make a successful psychologist. It will also touch upon the educational path and the various specializations within psychology. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Economy.

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I would like to be a psychology professor at a university. I have found a passion for psychology, and I found a passion for telling other people my knowledge, so then I just put the two together. As a psychology professor, the name says most of it, I would be teaching psychology at a university. That is however, without the nitty gritty details; such as the responsibilities that I would have as a psychology professor. My requirements as a professor would be to: “develop instructional materials, maintain student records, stay informed about current developments in field of specialization.

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” (Being A Psychology Professor: What You Really Do.)

To become a psychology professor the gist of it isn’t that hard. First, let’s start with high school, to get a good chance to getting accepted into a college, you should graduate with an honors degree (earning an honors varies from school to school). Also while you are in high school, you should look for a job, one because you need money to pay for college and two, it will make you look better when you apply for college. Then you go to college for a PHD in psychology, a bachelors in philosophy, bachelors for teaching, and a bachelors for sociology. While, you are still in college you should be trying to be the assistant to the professor before and after you graduate. Then when you graduate you will have close if not the maximum experience to being a new psychology professor, this will make people want to hire you as a psychology professor more. It will take 4-5 years of college to get a PHD in psychology, 4 years for a bachelor’s in teaching, 4 years for philosophy, and about 4 years for sociology. With this amount of education this will be your best bet of becoming a psychology professor. Paying tuition would cost “$8,000-$20,000”. (YSU.) Youngstown State University is a university that is affordable, and it will get you where you need to go.

If you do end up getting the job, your starting salary will be about $76,000, with your mid level salary being $91,000, and your senior salary being $167,000.(Salary for Professor – Psychology) The longer you work as a professor the more your salary gets raised. There really is no further advancement.

There are colleges and universities all over the country, but California has the most people that want to work as a psychology professor. Ideally, I would like to live in Georgia because I like the heat and humidity. “The average CPI of Georgia is 232.69 the US average is 245, and the Ohio CPI is 225. The average house price is $114,324, average utilities cost is $134, average income tax rate is 1% to 6% with a bracket for every number in between. Georgia property tax is a range from .44% to 1.29%” (Josephson, Amelia.). I would easily be able to live there on my starting salary.

The benefits of working as a psychology professor are: base salary, bonuses, social security, 401k/403b, disability, healthcare, pension, and time off. There are also hazards though, such as, Disease transmission, workplace violence, ergonomic issues, work-related stress, and legal considerations.

Like I said before, I like psychology, and I like sharing my knowledge, that is why I want to be a psychology professor. According to a study 83% of psychology professors had satisfaction with their job, and 83% said it was meaningful to them (Being A Psychology Professor: What You Really Do.). And I hope that I will have the same success.

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