In the same Boat of Illness – Jonathan Harker and Lucy Westenra

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Mina wrote a letter to Lucy and told Lucy that she arrived in Hamburg very smoothly. The only purpose of her trip was to take care of the sick fiance, Jonathan Harker. After seeing Harker, Mina found that her beloved Harker is so thin, pale, and weak. She was very sad and overwhelmed. She knew that Harker seems to have been severely shocked by something, and she wanted to know what it is, but the nurse was not willing to tell her. This is because the nurse thought that what Harker is afraid of is not something that mortals can solve. Mina originally thought it was another the woman who led this trouble for Harker. However, after Harker woke up, she was very happy and gratified when she learned that the cause of the trouble was not another woman. Harker gave Mina his diary and told Mina that he would never want to see anything inside because it recorded his dreadful experience. Harker let Mina take it away and just keep it as a secret, and he doesn’t want to recall his terrible experience which caused his shock anymore. Mina also told Lucy that Harker wanted to continue his fresh beginning here, as well as his marriage. Finally, Mina and Harker got married in the hospital. Now, Mina is now officially the wife of Harker, and Harker is also written as the husband of Mina in the letter. Lucy’s reply to Mina was that she hope Mina go home with her husband as soon as possible. Arthur is with her now. She also told mina that she will be holding a wedding on September 28.

Moreover, Chapter nine has the diaries from Dr.Seward. His patient, Mr. Renfield, escaped again. Dr. Seward found Renfield in the place where he last escaped to. Dr.Seward’s men come and block Renfield from the killing Dr. Seward. When Dr.Seward looked up to the sky following Renfield’s sight, but he didn’t see anything except a huge bat flying to its own plan . At this point, Dr. Seward feels an ominous omen will happen, and he will not forget this evening.

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Afterwards, on September 1rd, Arthur sent a telegram to Dr. Seward. Arthur told Dr.seward that Lucy was ill. She had no special illness, but she didn’t look very good. Arthur requested Dr.Seward to visit Lucy and find out her problem. However, Dr. Seward, she does not have any functional disorders or diseases. However, he noticed that Lucy’s face was a little pale, but he could not find the symptoms of anemia in her body. Lucy also complained about that she has problem with breathing and sleeping. She had a lot of frightening dreams, but she couldn’t remember anything about these dream. Therefore Dr.Seward wrote letter to his old friend and teacher, Professor Van Helsing of Amsterdam, because this professor knew all the unknown diseases in the world. Dr. Seward invited him to come to visit Lucy. The Professor had done an examination with Lucy, and he found out that Lucy has no functional health problem or anemia, but Lucy did lose a lot of blood. The Professor was very interested in Lucy’s special illness and herself, and he told Dr. Seward that he would keep observing and come back to see Lucy. Dr. Seward wrote Arthur everything the professor said and told him not to worry.”

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