History of Racism

Racism started in the 1700s and has still been occuring till this day. From the looks of it, it seems to be that racism would never end. Because of cultural reasons, stereotypes, and economic reasons, it will always be an issue. People teach their kids to be racist, and make racists comments like it’s normal. We can’t stop people from having their personal opinions on racism, but we can stay aware of how racists others could be, our history of racism, and of how racism still exists.

For African Americans racism has a huge affect on them. Employers refuse jobs to them because of stereotypes. For example it is said to be that african Americans aren’t as smart as others, or that they don’t work as hard or they act unprofessional. But in reality it’s really how you view them to be, if you put that impression on them or just automatically think that that’s how they’ll act. African Americans are humans just like everybody else, they are capable of doing everything that everybody else can do.

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Because some employers refuse to give african Americans jobs, they struggle with poverty and health issues. Without a good job they can’t afford a stable decent home or affordable health care. Politicians claim that the stressful living condition of poverty, discrimination, racism, abuse and rejection from American society contributes to their negative health outcomes (Evexco Host, 2015). If African Americans were treated like everyone else they would have better living circumstances and would be able to live up to the standards that others expect them to be.

Discrimination is becoming a bigger problem everyday. Whether it’s at a workplace a grocery store or at school. Students are being discriminated because of their test scores, for example, pioneer city school district was unable to address the transfer motive goals of cultural relevant in part because of irresolvable tension between an explicitly anti racist theory (Enscoholt, 2017). This is proof that the school isn’t trying to let students in because of test scores and that the school is already teaching students racism or condoning it.

Racism and discrimination comes to a person as a child because you have to be taught it early. In order for racism to end we have to stop teaching it, which will be decades from now. It is still important to teach the history of it and teachers should be teaching why it is important not to be racist, not how to be racist.

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