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Educational psychology Essays

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Education and Critical Thinking

Words: 1059 Pages: 4 1145

Doctors measure life based on our ability to function cognitively. When we lose our ability to function cognitively, we are categorized as being “brain dead”. “Cognition refers to mental activity including thinking, remembering, learning and using language’ (quote). These mental activities often happen reflexively, but when we become aware of them as they occur metacognition […]

Topics: Critical Thinking, Educational psychology

The Philippine Government Adopts New Pre-university Program

Words: 647 Pages: 2 3366

Philippines is the last country in Asia to adopt to the international practice of 12 years or more in basic education and pre-university program. The much needed overhaul in the Philippine educational system came in May 2013 through Republic Act 10533, known as Enhanced Basic Education Act with the inclusion of additional two years for […]

Topics: Curriculum, Educational psychology, Philippine Government

Essay about what is Dyslexia

Words: 975 Pages: 3 3233

Dyslexia is a learning disorder in reading.  It affects the areas of your brain that processes language.  It makes it difficult for people to read.  Dyslexia doesn’t affect anything else, and people with dyslexia usually have normal eyesight and intelligence.  Dyslexia mainly affects your ability to read, wright, comprehending words, and spelling.  Dyslexia is a […]

Topics: Dyslexia, Educational psychology, Health, Reading

Understanding Dyslexia: its Myths and Facts

Words: 2047 Pages: 7 4066

Having a learning disability such as dyslexia sometimes can be a symbol of good luck in individuals’ lives. According to International Dyslexia Association, Dyslexia is defined as a learning difficulty specifically on reading, and also other related language-based skills, such as writing, spelling and pronouncing (“Dyslexia Basics”). Dyslexia can be seen as serious problem in […]

Topics: Dyslexia, Educational psychology, Learning, Reading
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