Drug Abuse Among Students

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Updated: Jun 06, 2023
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Medication manhandle is these days one of the gravest social damages. Late years have encountered an extreme ascent in sedate manhandle among school and college understudies. In America today, more people struggle with some kind of addiction to drugs than in the past. Alcohol use is high among college students and places them at risk for health problems, injuries, and poor academic performance.

Drugs have a chemical effect that damage the brain and body. Drugs have shown to interfere with an individual’s ability to make decisions and can lead to compulsive craving, seeking, and use.

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This then becomes a substance dependency. Some effects of drugs include major health problems that are long lasting and even permanent. According to Debra Woods, ‘The cause of drug abuse and dependence is unknown, although there are a variety of theories. One theory holds that there may be a genetic component that predisposes a person to develop a drug addiction. Another theory is that drug abuse is a learned behavior and that people begin to use drugs by copying the behavior of those around them. Medical professionals have not been able to target a specific cause. Long-term drug use alters the brain’s structure and chemistry, which may reinforce the desire to keep using drugs regardless of the consequences”.

According to Woods, There is no cure for sedate mishandles or medication reliance. Treatment comprises of three fundamental objectives: to enable patients to quit utilizing drugs, to diminish the poisonous impacts of the medications being utilized and to help in side effects of medication withdrawal (‘detoxification’), and to avert backslide. Effective treatment relies upon the medication client’s acknowledgment of the issue and wants to change. Recuperation takes quite a while and isn’t a simple procedure. Patients may require different courses of treatment.

Treatments incorporate meds, guiding, and self-improvement associations. Medications may ease a portion of the manifestations of withdrawal. Now and again, a solution might be requested to forestall backslide. Individuals dependent on heroin might be offered methadone to help decrease them off. Methadone may likewise be given on a long haul premise to enhance the possibility of remaining in treatment. Methadone is an opiate that squares desires and also the pleasurable impacts of heroin and different sedatives. Different medications that are utilized as a part of treatment are naltrexone and buprenorphine (Woods).

Drugs can still damage the body even after a person has stopped taking the substance. People suffer from illicit drug use. According to Sabina, “There was no significant main effect for alcohol use, but analysis of the interaction with gender found that problematic alcohol use was associated with victimization of men “(par. 1). People who live substance dependence have a higher risk of all bad outcomes including unintentional injuries, accidents, and a risk of domestic violence, medical problems, and death. Drugs have a big impact on a person’s health. Some drugs weaken the immune system, increasing susceptibility to infections.

A powerless or inadequate insusceptible framework can prompt dysfunctions, for example, immune system illnesses and tumor development. Medication utilize can cause cardiovascular conditions extending from anomalous heart rate to heart assaults. Infused medications can likewise prompt crumbled veins and contaminations of the veins and heart valves. Distinctive medications can cause sickness, retching, and stomach torment. People start using drugs for numerous reasons. Some people begin using drugs simply to see what the drug high is like. Doing drugs can affect the body and his or her actions in many different ways.

Drugs not only affect a person’s body but doing drugs while being enrolled as a college student can affect a person’s academic performance. The most common abuse among college students is alcohol abuse. According to Vail-Smith, Karen , “College alcohol prevention and health professionals, already challenged with addressing the formidable problems associated with under-age drinking, could be facing new issues with this new form of alcohol”(pg. 31-36). A few elements can add to liquor manhandle and liquor abuse, including hereditary qualities, cerebrum science, social weight, enthusiastic pressure, endless torment, dejection or other psychological wellness issues, and issue drinking practices gained from family or companions.

Different elements that expansion the shot of creating liquor addiction incorporate a family history of liquor manhandle (particularly for men whose fathers or siblings are heavy drinkers), liquor use at an early age (starting when more youthful than fourteen years), illegal medication utilize, peer strain to drink, simple access to mixed refreshments, the nearness of mental issue, and cigarette smoking. Liquor mishandle is a dynamic issue in which physical reliance can create.

Indeed, even low dosages of liquor weaken cerebrum work, judgment, readiness, coordination, and reflexes. High dosages cause concealment of breath and demise. Ceaseless liquor manhandle can deliver dementia, sexual weakness, cirrhosis of the liver, and coronary illness; and sudden withdrawal can create serious uneasiness, tremors, visualizations, and dangerous shakings. Alcohol can cause a person to have a hangover and wake up not knowing what he or she did the previous night. Alcohol affects one’s academic performance when one oversleeps for class or starts to get behind, which can lead to failure.

There are many different ways to prevent drug abuse among college students. Many states are making effort to curb the abuse of prescription drugs with prescription monitoring programs. The most common reason people start using drugs is because of peer pressure. People tend to not want to be left out and, people find themselves doing things they normally would not do, just to fit in. A good way for someone to not get influenced to do drugs is to find a better group of friends that will not pressure him or her into doing harmful things.

Many Americans are tempted by peers and by the excitement or the escape feeling the drugs seems to offer. As people learn more about the facts of these drugs, they see potential risks of chasing the excitement and escape. Many drug users regret their decisions afterward. Drugs can ruin every aspect of a person’s life.

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