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Essay About Medical Marijuana
Whether or not medical marijuana should be legalized is one of the most controversial topics of today. I believe that medical marijuana is not the way to go. Marijuana medical or non-medical is easy to get addicted to, it’s unhealthy and dangerous, and it has cancer-causing elements.
My first argument is that it is really easy to get addicted to. Marijuana is still very addictive even if it is medical. It is known as one of the most threatening drugs in our society. “Whenever a popular recreational drug is dispensed legally, for whatever reason, there will be those who try to twist the system for their own benefit.” They do this because it is addictive and they want it for their own “benefits”. By the year 2014 25,000 people were dying from drugs such as marijuana.
My second argument is that marijuana is unhealthy and dangerous. Medical or not marijuana can harm your lung tissue. This very often can lead to lung cancer which kills people every day. It also weakens your intellectual skills. This is another side effect that can lead to death because people do this drug and it weakens their common sense. This could lead to them doing reckless and dangerous things. “Marijuana has been implicated in a high percentage of automobile crashes and workplace accidents.” Marijuana causes people’s intelligence quotient to lessen by 8 points. It also enlarges the chance of getting schizophrenia.
Most people on the opposite view from mine believe that medical marijuana is a good alternative to opioids. In reality, it really isn’t the best alternative. Though opioids are dangerous and have caused many deaths medical marijuana is not the answer. Marijuana is a schedule one drug. This means that it is one of the more dangerous drugs. Opioids are graded as a schedule two drug. It’s in the same category as morphine, which is also a drug used for medical purposes. There have been death rates at 24% because of opioids. This I will admit is a problem, but there have been death rates at 69.75% because of marijuana.
Some would argue that there haven’t been any marijuana-caused deaths like there have been opioid-caused deaths. That is also not true. Though there have not been any recorded deaths from a marijuana overdose, while there have been many opioid overdose marijuana has still lead to the causes of many deaths. There have been people who have done marijuana and have done something afterward that has gotten them killed because they were high and didn’t know what they were doing. A lot of people have been lead to believe that opioids are better than marijuana, but it really isn’t.
My third argument is that it contains cancer-causing elements. “The argument against the use of medical marijuana include the increased risk of psychosis, inferior effectiveness in treating glaucoma and increased risk in developing certain types of cancer.” One cancer this sentence was talking about is lung cancer. Lung cancer takes lives every day and marijuana has caused a lot of it. If medical marijuana became legal I believe that lung cancer will start to increase everywhere. Each year lung cancer is increased by 8%. Medical marijuana would only increase this. If marijuana would help treat other cancers, it would only cause this cancer to increase and get worse.
Medical marijuana will continue to be a controversial topic even after it is legalized or illegalized. I will continue to believe that it is a bad idea and would only cause more heartache and medical problems than it would do good in our world.

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