Medical Marijuana has been a Hot Topic for the Last few Years

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Many states all have some form of law regarding the use of marijuana. There are 21 states that allow marijuana for medical use and 10 states have adopted legalizing recreational use of marijuana. I feel that the nation as a whole should be able to have access to at least medical marijuana. I feel that each state can decide on whether they will allow recreational use but as far as medical marijuana people should be able to have a prescription for it like any other drug.

Medical marijuana has been an important tool to help people deal with their pain, whether that pain is short term, long term, or end of life. Marijuana has also been useful for people who are plagued with epileptic seizures. For whatever medical reason people have they should be given a choice on a treatment. It should be up to a patient to decide on the best treatment for their health.

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Many will argue that it will be overused by people for the wrong reason. Isn’t that true of the narcotics that many become dependent on. If you watch the news you will hear about the opioid epidemic that has spread across the country. Most of these people became addicted when their doctors prescribed a painkiller that we are now learning are highly addictive. Yes there is always that chance with any drug but if medical marijuana could really be helpful then it should be able to be prescribed by a doctor.

If we as a people are worried about things that are addictive or going to be abused, then alcohol, cigarettes and opioid pain medication should be banned. We could also add coffee to that list. How many people have you known that have said that they cannot get started with their day without a cup of coffee in the morning.

Most people are sensible and if medical marijuana is the ONLY thing that seems to work for them then it should be available. Do not criminalize people for seeking relief from their pain, seizures or whatever ailment they have. We all need to live our lives how we see fit and have available to us whatever remedy that will work.

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