Constitutional Convention for Amania

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Based on the first letter of my last name (B), my ethnic group is the Wangi, predominantly Muslim and the poorest group in Amania which constitutes around 48% of the population in Amania.

Based on my ethnic group which is the Wangi, I believe that Amania should have a parliamentary system of government because it would reduce the level of corruption significantly since the head of the government would be different than the head of the state. There would also be parliamentary sessions in which the prime minister and his/her cabinet would have to defend their own actions and decisions which would create a healthy debate amongst politicians and parties of Amania.

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It would also reduce the level of corruption because they would have to justify their decisions and it would make it much more difficult to implement illegal or corrupted activities. I believe this would be a significant advantage for my ethnic group (Wangi) because it is the poorest and weakest group in Amania and this would allow them to have a greater impact on important decisions that could affect them directly. Another advantage of a parliamentary system is the ability to change the leader of your party very easily if he/she does not perform to the standards required.

Based on my ethnic group, I believe that a federal structure would be more appropriate for Amania because a unitary system would not allow for opposition and in this case the Wangi are the poorest and weakest group in Amania which would be a huge disadvantage for them. A unitary system would favor one central government that upholds all decisions which would be a terrible decision for Amania.

I believe that a federal structure would be more appropriate due to the fact that it would allow power to be distributed amongst the national government to local and states government. This would allow the Wangi to have more power on their own territory and local development in which the national government has been taking their oil for years without giving them anything in return.

Based on my ethnic group, I believe that a proportional representation, which is an electoral system in which the number of seats held by a political party in a legislative body is determined by the number of popular votes received. This system would be the appropriate choice for the Wangi because they are considered the largest ethnic group in Amania with 48% of the population.

Based on the assumption that all 48% of their population would vote, this would allow them to potentially gain the majority of the seats and benefit their political agenda. Since they are also Muslim and the other two groups (the Kati and the Chachi are Christians), they could finally have a voice in regard to their religion without being discriminated constantly. A proportional government is also a better choice because it would allow all parties to have a chance of winning seats in Parliament.

Finally, I have learned that history often repeats itself and that usually when a country is divided this much amongst three groups it is usually done on purpose in order to control all three groups and maintain absolute power over them. The people of Amania should all come together in order to defeat the current government who is trying to cause conflict amongst all three groups.

Throughout this homework, I have learned that constitutional power is extremely crucial in a country because it determines the outcome of each party which can vary significantly based on the political system, structure and representation that the specific county decides to adopt. Usually, the richest and more powerful political party will try to implement laws that gives them a significant advantage and weakens the rest of the country such as minorities and religious communities like Muslims.

If I had to re-do this homework again with a different party such as the Kati or the Chachi I believe I would have chosen the total opposite in terms of political system, structure and representation because these are the two richest ethnic group in Amania and they do not want to sacrifice any of their current benefits to a minority group like the Wangi. Finally, I believe that the current constitutional convention that I picked would benefit the entire country by giving up a little bit from the rich to give to the poor which would dramatically reduce the inequality in Amania.

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