Constitution for a Small Country

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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If I was to draft a constitution for a small country one right from the Bill of Rights that I would include in it is the right to bear arms with an exception of the following:

  • No previous criminal background including anything related to assault.
  • Medical clearance for mental examinations.
  • Registered names and addresses belonging to the gun.
  • A written-out explanation for reasons why a person chooses to have an armed weapon.
  • Locked and concealed in a safe environment without the reach and contact of children.
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This has been one of the most controversial issues around the nation as we see people whom have been criminals of mass murders and responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people. This law has its advantages and disadvantages and hopefully these exceptions can eliminate the disadvantages. Some advantages of this law are for people who choose to bear arm to protect their family and their home. Another reason would be for people whom live in the country and choose to haunt for survival. Owning a gun has been mainly and should be for protection.

There have been a few drawbacks with this law. It does not necessarily specify the use to bear arms but for exactly what. In the Bill of Rights, it is stated that people have the right to keep and bear arm. There are a few disadvantages associated with this law such as abusing the power of guns. Some but not all people are capable of being responsible with a gun, while others are not. “For a teenager, it might be a game, but it can kill in an instant. Aside from this, a gun can even be dangerous to older people, which is often observed if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even those who are known to be responsible can make the mistake of using a firearm when intoxicated.” (Connect US)

The right to bear arms also increases the crime rate around the nation. Many people may be faced in a situation where a friend wants to borrow a gun for protection purposes but ends up being a suspect for a murder. Children’s and young teens believe that guns are just a toy because of games such as “Call of Duty” or “Fortnite” that gives them these imaginary ideas. Children of police officers and off duty cops are victims of accidently shooing themselves in the head because of finding their parents gun.

Due to many incidents such as the recent Pittsburg Synagogue, the Columbine Shooting, and the famous Batman shooting it has mentally threatened gun control. Many people do not agree with the thought to have a gun because of so many casualties. This is an example of why it is important to also focus strongly on mental health and for parents to not allow children to use their guns even for hunting unless it is under direct supervision.

People are now walking randomly into open schools and shooting innocent people. In conclusion, I choose to pick the right to hold and bear arms and all homes of those who choose to do so for protection and hunting purposes. With the reason and explanation that they were in fact threatened by an outside factor.

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