Political System and American Democracy

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Political System and American Democracy

A comprehensive study of the U.S. political system, its origins, structures, and functions, and how it upholds or challenges the principles of democracy. Emphasizing the roles of checks and balances, federalism, and representative governance. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Citizenship topic.

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This Pew Research Center (PRC) article shows that when the American democratic and political systems are critically analyzed, they tend to require amendments. In addition, it is clear that there is an anxiety concerning democracy around the world. However, most of the Americans agree that some ideas and values are essential and are supposed to be reviewed to suit the people and political systems. However, most of the citizens believe that the government and its top leadership is not doing what it takes to live up to these values and principles.

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These views are also relevant to study findings and opinions that are related to strengths and weaknesses of the most critical aspects of American political system and democracy. Additionally, more than a third of the citizens believe in the expression “individuals come to an understanding on basic facts even if they differ politically.”

The apparent inadequacies include some of the essential foundations of American democracy. A more significant percentage of the Americans believe that their rights and freedoms are supposed to be respected. From the submissions of the article, it is, therefore, clear that most of the citizens have a negative perception towards the government. In addition, this article’s author has made it clear that despite the government facing criticisms, most of the citizens say democracy is well functional in their country, although there are some of its elements that have flaws. The article has given ideas and submissions that there is a support for making critical amendments to the American political system. More than 60% of the citizens have called for significant changes in the structure and design of the American government to make it functional in contemporary times.

This article shows that people have and are still sending mixed signals regarding all that pertains to changing the American political system, even though no suggestions are interested in the bi-partisan approach. It is also apparent that both the Republicans and the Democrats have expressed dissatisfaction in the political system even if they both believe that several aspects of American democracy are working. To show that there are some positives in the American order of authority, a noteworthy section of the population believe that the aggressive form of governance in the US does not provide support for one party over another. Also, an approximate of 74% of the American population believes that the country is managed well because the military form of government supports the phrase “individuals are free to protest peacefully.” In a nutshell, although there is a striking disparity between the citizen’s objectives for American democracy and its interpretations of whether they are content, a significant percentage of the population believes that the country is doing well.

According to the submissions of this pew article, most readers would think that it is a research paper. The only aspect that makes it unique is that it has given numerous findings of surveys conducted to study people’s perception of democratic and political systems in America. Some of the significant results of these surveys entail the mixed views of persons and how governing leaders lack respect for democracy. For instance, the article established that the surveys were examinations of some of the changes that could be made regarding to representative democracy in the US. The surveys show that most Americans in the past have rejected the idea of amending the Constitution. For instance, one of the reviews showed that most of the Americans could not approve the idea of amending the Constitution so that larger states in terms of the population get to have more seats of representations in the Senate. Also, one of the investigations revealed that a majority of the citizens had a perception that President Trump lacks respect and obedience for democratic institutions. The responses of more than 45% of citizens revealed that President Trump has satisfactory respect to the nation’s democratic institutions and values, while 54% believe that he does not. A critical view of these findings shows that the citizens are deeply divided along partisan lines. Mostly, the Conservatives and Republicans were among those who had support for the president, while a majority of the Democrats, who also add up as Liberals, did not approve that Donald Trump has respect for democratic institutions.

According to other related resources and news articles, Americans seem to be generally affirmative with how the political systems are working in the US. However, there are groups with special and precise interests who believe that the political systems should be changed, so as the design and structure of the government become functional in making leaders and other key figures have respect towards the Constitution. According to the People’s Press.org, Republicans are viewed as the ones who are more likely to consider the government, democratic and political systems to be effective. This explains why the Democrats are considered as a group who are on the forefront in advocating for critical changes in the Constitution and modes of governance. This article is also relevant in making comparisons with reference to renowned Republicans like Trump who claim that the US political system is the most effective in the world. Trump makes such submissions because he perceives the United States of America to be developed to an extent of being considered one of the world’s superpowers (Tisdall 11).

According to Love, six of every ten Americans believe that democracy does not require changes (52). This is a reflection of the total percentage of Republicans and Democrats in the country. The Republicans are generally more, as revealed in the previous general elections. Almost two years after that election where there was a fierce competition between the Republicans and the Democrats showing that there is something wrong with the US democracy. Additionally, the Democrats are finding the president to be one of the contributors of what ails the US democracy. Besides conducting surveys to ascertain how effective the American democracy is, most of the studies have also found out that the democracy and governance crisis has been building up for years. Currently, the true scope of the existing faults and weaknesses are being revealed by president Trump’s radical assaults on institutions and values that relate to democracy. According to Oliphant, this deep crisis comes when the US is headed for the midterm political season that would be culminated in elections in November (7). Such events are becoming unpredictable because of the fears regarding external manipulation amid pending FBI investigations that could ruin Trump’s reputation (Theoharis 12). All these are clear indications that the US democracy is on its deathbed, even as the president believes that the country is doing well.

The author used the most precise articulations to relate the topic of this article to what is being experienced in the US. The manner in which the surveys were carried out seemed to be straight to the point because they were precise. The results were also described in a way that there was no much evidence of bias. However, a reckless reader would not be able to pinpoint bias in the article because most of the submissions are addressing two conflicting sides. The Democrats claimed that the system of governance is faulty, while the Republicans seemed to be okay with it. However, there was an apparent conflict of interest, especially when it became clear that President Trump was a radical leader who could assault and insult his subjects.

As a political science scholar, I believe that something needs to be done to save the dying American political system and democracy. The most challenging task is to identify and recognize what has been happening. Years of satisfied assumptions on America’s unbending adherence to political systems have made it vulnerable to rebellion from both within and without. This means that reforms are required, and various democratic principles should be reviewed.

This state of democracy in the American society is an indication that the country is likely to experience unending and unprecedented activism. As it can be seen in the current times, one of five American citizens has participated in protests against the existing state of democracy. This shows that the protests are making people begin to learn that their government is not advocating for their rights, but making itself look like the catalysts of the dying democracy.

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