Attend College after Four Years of High School or Not?

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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The question or not to attend college after four years of high school is one that some kids struggle with. For some, it is a no-brainer. College is the goal, and they will work hard until they get that degree. For others school just does not interest them. High school was enough, they feel like they have gotten enough education, and they are ready to go on to be in the army or navy. Whatever decision made should be the decision that fits that person the best.

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Personally, I think college should be the initial goal unless you’re like me and want to go to the union for on the job training or an apprenticeship. A college education should be the ultimate goal because some jobs require a college diploma. College graduates have a higher chance of getting employed. ( but not always)

Depending on what major you or job someone wants to do when they are older, a college education is better. Schooling varies for the type of job you want. With some, a higher education is mandatory for a job. An example would be to become a doctor you need 8+ years of schooling. While teaching only calls for four years of college, graduating with a bachelors. In some cases, if schooling is continued and a master is earned, that person can then go up on the pay scale.

Being educated is the best thing someone can do for themselves. Being satisfied with where they’re at now is no way to live life. When competing with someone for a job, if the other person has a higher education they have a more likely chance of getting the job rather than somebody who only has a high school diploma. Bosses want the person that is the smartest in the room for that job. They want to be sure that the person is motivated and has the ability to do the best work. Only having a high school diploma can give the impression that the person does not care and is not willing to work.

It is proven that a college education guarantees more money earned. If a college education can guarantee more money earned everyone would go. But that is not always the case. College is hard and takes hard work and dedication. There are some cases where some people get lucky and become rich from hitting the lottery or invent something. College is not only a way to continue an education but a chance to meet so many new people and so much about oneself. It is an eye-opener in so many ways and something that everyone should experience. A college education should be everybody ultimate goal.

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